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West Herts College approached International Gas Detectors (IGD) with a need to track flammable gas leaks in their craft room – a relatively simple requirement on paper. As it turned out, the challenge was the costs and not the technical aspect. Just like many other educational and similar clients, West Herts had the budget for the installation or the equipment, but not both. Fortunately, IGD had an innovative solution for West Herts College.

IGD’s Gas Detection Solutions

IGD’s TOC-625 Micro gas detection system provides the ideal solution for such applications. The TOC-625 Micro is a multi-channel gas detection system that can be used to mix any of the following gas detectors:

  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Chlorine
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Flammable Gases

Based on IGD’s established gas detection technology, the system caters for two relay output modules and up to six gas detectors. The system is essentially produced in two versions for the West Herts. The TOC-625 Micro can either be traditionally installed or comes with pre-made cables, enabling the system to be literally plug and socketed together.

The unique design of the TOC 625 Micro allows it to be easily installed with sophisticated automatic setup features. Addressable gas detection systems enable users to rapidly deploy an effective safety solution. The Auto-Setup functions in the controller allow auto-configuration of the gas detection system alarm levels, gas types and ranges:

  • Run FIND function at Start-up when prompted
  • TOC-625 automatically finds connected devices
  • Detected devices are automatically installed
  • Outputs and alarm levels are automatically set

All detection systems are addressable and enable the use of pre-calibrated detectors. A single cable is sufficient for interconnecting the detectors, controller and relay modules. These types of addressable gas detection systems can save up to 70% on installation costs.

By using the plug and socket version, the college was able to use their own maintenance staff and installed the system themselves. IGD provided backup support, ensuring that the detectors were located in the most effective locations.

This was easily done as cables are available in 1 m, 3 m and 10 m lengths, which can be interconnected to make particular length cable runs. After this process, the maintenance team at the college installed two detectors (one low for LPG detection and one high for Acetylene detection) and a relay module with beacon sounder and controller themselves.

The Result

Once the TOC-625 micro system is powered up, it asks the users if they are ready to self-discover the connected devices. Following which, the system auto detects what modules are coupled to the controller and automatically sets alarm levels and channel displays. Pre-calibrated detectors are delivered that operate to specification on power up. IGD’s Sentinel communications protocol makes sure that devices remain properly connected and operate within limits. There are no wiring errors with plug and go detectors, which enabled West Herts college to supply an ‘on budget’ safety system without any compromise.

In addition, test gas aerosols are available that allow users to perform periodic spot checks in order to ensure accurate continued operation. Since then, the college has extended gas detection into other installations on the site.

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