Differential Pressure Transmitters manufactured by Halstrup Walcher Gmbh.

The measurement of differential pressure, and its precise regulation, has importance in many areas of air handling process technology. Halstrup Walcher have been providing solutions for applications found in Cleanrooms, Hospitals, Filling Machines, and Hygienic Plants for many years.

The high precision “P26” DP Transmitter is available for “top hat” rail or wall mounting , in a wide range of pressures and volume flows. The unit has have scaleable ranges, and zero point calibration to prevent drift. The “P26” has a built in valve to provide a high level of overload protection.

There is a variant of this unit, the “P29”, which can be used for measurement of natural gas.

The compact and innovative “P34” DP Transmitter is DIN Rail mounting with an internal stat. pressure sensor. Ideal for panel mounting the unit offers optional analogue temperature input. The USB interface allows for scaling via PC, and the setting up of the characteristic line form ( and many other parameters ) can be managed.

The “PUC24” panel is a stainless steel unit for the display of air conditioning data in a cleanroom or other process. There is integrated measurement of DP, humidity, temperature, and pressure. The unit has digital interface, 3 analogue outputs, acoustic alarms, and adjustable switch functions.

Halstrup Walcher offers both standard and customer specific solutions for performing high precision measurements (normally around 0.2% accuracy). With an accredited in-house calibration laboratory and a range of mobile calibration devices ( mains and battery powered ), we would be pleased to discuss your applications.

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