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Dolav UK are the manufacturers of the original and unique one piece mould plastic pallet box. Widely used for over 35 years in the UK.

Dolav plastic pallet boxes are designed with strength and hygiene paramount and are ideal for handling different types of goods. They can be easily cleaned and have no dirt traps or secondary components to fall off in use. When used as a returnable container they can offer significant savings over one trip packaging.

Dolav plastic pallet boxes will have a lesser effect on the environment due to the constant tare weight, which reduces the transport costs when wood gets wet etc;  recyclable as all the pallet boxes can be reused at the end of their service life and recovered materials re-used. It has hygienic design, making it easy to clean and readily used in processing sites.

The DOLAV plastic pallet box is the container of choice for many industries, why?

  • One piece moulding including 2 or 3 integral runners, safer to use on Fork Lift Trucks
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic, no hidden dirt traps
  • Heavy duty capable of taking up to 900Kg
  • Stocked in UK in 7 colours for colour coding / product identification
  • Low life cost
  • Local warehouse in Norfolk stocks over 3,500 Dolavs

Contaminant Migration

Dolav Pallet Boxes are made from HDPE a material which is inert and passes USFDA and EU migration tests proving that it is safe for direct contact with food. Wood is impossible to clean absorbing water and contaminants. Contaminated wood is difficult to dispose of without risk of environmental pollution. Please see Certificate of Conformity with the Requirements of EU Regulation 10/2011 – Test Report 2/ 9725-1, dated 14/06/2012 issued by ISPRC.


Since no chemicals are absorbed by the Dolav Pallet Boxes they can be recycled at the end of the pallet box service life and the recovered materials re-used. Wood can be burned releasing possible contaminants into the atmosphere leaving rusted screws, nails and staples in the contaminated ash.

Service Life

Dolav Pallet Boxes have service lives on between 5 and 10 years typically. They are easily washed between each use and easily repaired if damaged, without loss of properties. Wooden boxes can be repaired but once contaminated can only be allocated to lesser duties and not used in direct contact with food. Service life will be typically 3 years.

Hygienic Design

Because Dolav Plastic Pallet Boxes can be completely cleaned between each use, with cleanliness confirmed by routine swab tests they can be film wrapped and moved to points of next used in clean rooms hundreds of times. Wooden containers are denied access to clean areas in food and pharmaceutical factories so goods transported in wooden boxes have to be transhipped to plastic containers for in-house movements.

Constant Tare Weight

Wooden boxes typically increase their tare weights by 40% when wet which increases their impact on the environment by:

  • Reducing the weight of goods able to be transported on vehicles, so increasing transport costs and transport pollution.

Requiring single use film liners which themselves have to be recycled since after a single use wooden boxes will have absorbed contaminants within the absorbed moisture.

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