Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor expands into servo drive applications

The new Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor was developed specifically for the food processing and packaging sectors andis the most powerful and eco-friendly energy efficient hygienic conveyor belt drive ever developed by Interroll – providing a one drive system to suit all needs and speeds (0.01 m/s up to 4.5 m/s). Its capabilities now expand into applications previously reserved for servo-drive technology.

This offers engineers, OEMs, machinery manufacturers and end-users an eco-friendly drive solution for belt conveyors in the areas of food processing, packaging, checkweighing, automotive, logistic and many more industrial applications.

The 80mm diameter synchronous drum motor is both a space-saving, easy-to-install drive solution for food processing belt conveyors, that meets the most stringent hygienic and material handling demands and is available at up to 0.44kW, making this the most versatile motor on the market. Unlike externally mounted geared motors with secondary transmission, the new Synchronous Drum Motor easily integrates within a conveyor due to its all-in-one design and compact size.

The combination of the energy efficient synchronous motor and drum motor technology results in an extremely high energy yield.

The planetary gearbox transfers 92-95% of the available electric motor power directly linear to the conveyor system, providing a total output efficiency of up to 82%. This means that the mechanical power loss in comparison to other drum motors or conventional motors with secondary transmission is dramatically reduced.

This eco-friendly energy saving drive solution offers an excellent torque at all speeds, a maximum acceleration/braking performance, optimum energy-savings, low operating temperature and excellent start-stop performance.

The power loss of the new sensor-less, all-in-one synchronous Interroll Drum Motors has been significantly reduced and therefore, the motors stay cool and thus have a longer life cycle. With a maximum drum temperature of approx. 45° C it also makes them ideal for handling temperature sensitive processes such as chocolate coatings, dairy, egg products or perishable goods like fish can be transported at significantly lower temperatures. This also reduces the risk of bacteria propagation.

For food processing and pharmaceutical applications, Interroll has designed the Synchronous Drum Motor according to EHEDG recommendations using only materials accepted by FDA and EC regulation 1935/2004. Furthermore, with its standard IP66 or optional IP69k hermetically sealed design, the component required zero maintenance and is the ideal solution for wet and high pressure wash down applications.


Says Niels Bødstrup – Technical Manager – Food Hygiene – ISS Facility Services:

“When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, food processing plants are very demanding and have very specific standards and rules. Machineries, belts, motors, everything has to be cleaned and sanitized meticulously several times a day in the most hygienic and accurate fashion. The Interroll Drum Motor fulfils our demand for hygienic design: it doesn’t need any special extra care, it can be sprayed upon from all angles, we can use any kind of food safe detergent and its design allows fast and thorough cleaning. And we can use less water and less detergent. Definitely a great choice for all food processing equipment!”

Flexibility in operation

The Interroll sensor-less synchronous Drum Motor can accelerate from zero to 100 percent in milliseconds and when fitted with a servo drive and feedback system, acceleration of up to 151 m/s2 can be achieved depending on the motor type and load. Clocked processes with stop and go operations can thus be significantly shortened.

Intermittent movements on conveyor systems for pick and place, filling or cutting as well as discharge operations or automated check-in terminals can be significantly speeded up.

Whether conventional rubber, PVC or PU belts, plastic modular belts, steel wire belts, chain drives or timing belt applications, Interroll offers the drive system to suit all applications.

Precision control with Interroll IFI-IP55 Frequency Inverter

A match made in heaven! Interroll’s new Frequency Inverter IFI-IP55, when used in conjunction with drum motors, substantially enhances the performance of conveyor belt systems to provide a great degree of flexibility in respect of speed, control and process parameters for belt conveyors.

The Interroll IFI-IP55 with vector control ensures that conveyor belt movements such as acceleration, deceleration, braking and soft starts and stops remain fully controlled at all times. This protects the goods during transport as well as the system itself, which facilitates operation and maintenance. In addition, the decentralised solution helps keep installation and servicing costs to a minimum.

Easy-to-install and ready to operate immediately, Interroll’s IP55 Frequency Inverter for decentralised deployment is the most cost-efficient solution available. The fully encapsulated IP55 enclosure protects against ingress of dust (IP5_) and low-pressure water jets (IP_5), ensuring a safe and clean environment for the internal electronic parts. The IP55 rating means it can be installed locally on the conveyor module close to the motor instead of in a cabinet at a central location using long runs of cable.

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