Emerson completes Reliable valve offering to the Life Science industries by adding the ASCO™ Series 224 Aseptic Valves

Pharmaceutical and Biotech customers are producing under the most stringent conditions to ensure the highest quality and safety of their final products. In order for these customers to avoid an accumulation of process fluids and contaminants, which can affect quality, they need a reliable product with a clean design and high traceability.

The ASCO™ Series 224 Aseptic Valves is designed to meet the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology most demanding requirements. ASCO™ products range from standard forged valves to the most innovative block technology, where each valve is engineered to the highest standard. The valves include the most advanced Diaphragm technology, compliant with the relevant industry certifications, extending the service life, reducing the cost of ownership, and assuring the quality and reliability of the final product.


  • Manual or pressure operated aseptic valve, designed for the bioprocessing industry.
  • The diaphragm separates the operator from the fluid and ensures safety and quality of the final product. Our diaphragm is created with the latest advanced technology and in compliance with major industry certifications.
  • Forged body complies with 316L stainless steel, 1.4435 sulfur controlled to ASME BPE standards, and contains under 0.5% of ferrite. Forged body material has the lowest ferrite content of all forms of stainless steel.
  • Hygienic: To avoid dead legs and contamination of the process medium, the drainability of the valve is key. Drain marks are provided as standard to facilitate installation
  • Resistant to standard washroom protocols, this valve is the compact, autoclavable solution for Pharmaceutical / Bioprocessing applications.
  • Modular compressor designed for quick changeover between PTFE and elastomer diaphragm.
  • Suite for severe duty applications, such as SIP and high cycle applications
  • Ideal for CIP and SIP: clean in place and steam in place operations may be performed in line without valve disassembly or operation.
  • Autoclavable (steam at 125°C for 25 minutes).
  • Designed for sampling and other low flow, high value processes like bioreactors, chromatography systems, and filtration skids.

A complete line of manual and pneumatic actuators and valves is available to suit the different requirements of our customers. For more information and the complete catalogue on ASCO’s 224 Series of aseptic valves, visit www.emerson.com/en-us/catalog/asco-224

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