Exporta – New, Refreshed and Revitalised

Exporta, the UK’s Product Handling Experts have just gone through a brand refresh to make it very clear as to what they do and what they stand for whilst keeping focus on the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Kinross August 21st 2020

Exporta traded hard during the coronavirus crisis and lockdown and have continued to improve and grow the business. This has meant we have come out stronger and leaner than before and are recording record growth and sales through continued focus on our customers and focussed marketing.

The problem we have always had is that we offer such a wide, deep and comprehensive range of products for the product handling, store and stock movement environments that’s its so hard to encompass what we do in a simple message. We compete across many sectors and ranges and there is not one single company in the UK that offers the full extensive range and collection of products which makes us No1 for all Product Handling Solutions in the UK.

We have the largest range of plastic pallets available to order online in the UK for immediate delivery. We are the UK’s No1 supplier of wooden pallet collars and carry thousands of Storage boxes, containers, and crates in stock. We are one of the top suppliers of Load securing items in the UK and No1 for Dunnage bags. We also supply racking and shelving, a full range of warehouse and workplace equipment as well as Workwear and PPE. Now that is a lot to try and understand and digest. Our printed catalogue or Handling Manual as we have named it is a mainstay in any warehouse, supply chain or purchasing managers desk.

We therefore challenged ourselves to try and work out exactly what it is that we do and what we offer to our customers.

Our customer feedback surveys already confirm that:

  • we provide a great level of customer service (confirmed via our top level Trustpilot score)
  • with a very experienced team of staff with over 150 years of experience
  • that we have a great range of high-quality products that they trust
  • and that our standard next day delivery service is second to none.

The reality is that we do far more than that – we do not just sell products, we add real tangible value, we help companies become more efficient in their supply chain operations saving them time and money.

We help ensure that health and safety as well as legal compliance are always in place through our range of load securing and PPE items and of course we do this conveniently and easily with long trading hours, short response time and an award winning website that is open for business 24/7 365 days of the year – yes we have even had orders on Christmas day.

We set up a brainstorming session, with long discussion and endless whiteboard scribblings which eventually led us to something very simple which does explain exactly what we do which is:


Because that is exactly what we do – we help companies to:

MOVE IT – moving products around the facilities, internal distribution networks and international exportation with our range of pallets, pallet boxes, pallet collars and our handling and lifting equipment range

STORE IT – providing storage solutions that are efficient and cost effective via our racking and shelving project management and products, our storage containers and specialist storage equipment

SECURE IT – we aid safety and compliance with our Load securing range such as Dunnage air bags, ratchet straps, moisture absorbents and thermal protection as well as Spillage control and PPE

In addition, we have a SUPPORT IT range of warehouse equipment, workbenches and branded and personalised workwear.

So, there you have it. We are the place to come if you need to MOVE IT, if you need to STORE IT or if you need to SECURE IT.

You can see our brand new corporate video that explains all of this in less than a minute right here via this link: https://www.exportaglobal.co.uk/move-it-store-it-secure-it-i86

Don Marshall, Head of eCommerce and Marketing said:

“We are an established brand in the market but because we do so many things across so many industries its always been hard to explain using the ‘ronseal approach’ to say succinctly exactly what we do and how we help businesses. It took time and discussion but our new Move It, Store It and Secure It strapline does this perfectly because we are the No1 in the UK when it comes to supporting businesses when they need help with their Supply Chain.”

Find out more at www.exportaglobal.co.uk email us at sales@exportaglobal.co.uk or call FREE us on 0808 301 8121

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