Flawless Design! The Next Generation of GEMÜ Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

To suit an extensive range of applications, GEMÜ offers newly redesigned butterfly valves, R480 Victoria series. The new R480 is a direct replacement for the previous 480 series offering multiple enhanced product features. Thanks to its flow-optimized and sleek disc design, the GEMÜ R480 series achieves higher flow rate factors.

This reduces the pressure loss, giving the butterfly valves greater energy efficiency. On top of that, the PTFE-coated bushes reduce torques, not only allowing further savings through lower actuator costs, but also making the valves significantly more durable and therefore increasing longevity. Using the whirl-sintering method to achieve high-quality coating, together with having layer thickness of at least 250 µm, ensures consistent corrosion protection even in the liner area. Furthermore, the technical optimization of the liner improves tightness, which guarantees bubble tight sealing and resistance to slipping – making the GEMÜ R480 remarkably reliable and greater than ever!

Check out how we manufacture our Next Generation of GEMU rubber lined Butterfly Valves R480 Victoria series:

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