Saint-Gobain launches a new range of chemical sprays, oils and wipes for industrial markets

OneBond, Saint-Gobain’s recent venture into adhesives and sealants, has extended its product offering to include chemical sprays, oils and wipes for industrial markets.

Ensuring workspaces are kept clean is vital in manufacturing and repair processes, not only for the lifetime of the machinery or quality of the finish, but also for the safety and wellbeing of the operator.

The OneBond range has been extended to include degreasers and protective sprays, cutting and protective oils, as well as technical and tack wipes. The newest additions complement Saint-Gobain’s existing range by keeping equipment, machinery, vehicles and workspaces clean – helping maintain a safe and productive working environment.

Day-to-day operations generate dust and dirt, as well as soiling from oil, grease and much more. OneBond’s degreaser lifts surface contaminants from all surfaces, including metal, wood, glass, ceramic and even painted surfaces.

The protective spray and oil cleans the application surface and ensures it remains that way by providing an invisible coating that helps prevent rust and corrosion. The protective spray can even be used as a rinse aid on stainless steel.

For threading and drilling jobs, OneBond’s synthetic cutting oil is a powerful lubricant that administers a professional cut on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Saint-Gobain’s range of four technical and tack wipes provide exactly what any workshop or production line needs on hand. Technical wipes deliver fast absorption and extra cleaning power, while tack wipes are explicitly designed for particle capture, making them the perfect solution for dry dust removal.

Mark Radcliffe, National Sales Manager (MRO) Industrial Distribution at Saint-Gobain, comments: “Saint-Gobain has a wide range of products designed to give industrial markets the absolute best results every time. The new range of sprays, oils and wipes make the perfect addition to our portfolio, keeping production and workshop environments running safely and efficiently.

“What’s more, many of OneBond’s chemical products are biodegradable, odourless, and free of solvents to prioritise the comfort of the operator, as well as better for the planet.

“This is just the start for OneBond. Our ongoing investment in innovation means we are continually growing our range and developing new results-based products to make operators’ lives easier.”

To learn more about the OneBond brand and its new ranges, visit, contact your local Sales Representative or call 01785 279553.

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