KHD leads the way in steam conveyor cleaning technology specialising in providing conveyor belt steam cleaning solutions for the Food Industry.  With 25 years experience of developing portable and fixed conveyor belt steam cleaning systems, KHD has the most useful and effective product range available.  KHD systems are in use by big brand names around the world.  KHD machines are powerful tools that work within existing cleaning regimes to enable operators to do their job better, faster and more effectively.


KHD provides environmentally responsible solutions, producing designs that have the widest possible use within a factory.  Portable solutions quickly adjust so they can be used on multiple conveyors in a factory.  KHD devices clean primarily with steam and without chemicals, harnessing industrial steam power that uses very little water, typically 15-30 litres of tap water per hour.

The Fixed Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems use steam and vacuum to clean and sanitise conveyor belts and are suitable for use during production. The lightweight cleaning heads are quick and easy to remove for cleaning.  Designed for use in conjunction KHD portable

3-phase steam generators, the systems are also suitable for use with factory steam supply.  Available for both single or double sided cleaning this innovative and flexible system can be fitted to a wide range of existing or new conveyor belts.

KHD Technology is a design led company.  Alongside standard products KHD also provides bespoke solutions, selling direct to end users and to OEMs including conveyor equipment manufacturers.

Why choose industrial dry steam cleaning over other cleaning methods?

Factories get dirty. Whether you’re producing food, medication, or other consumables where high standards of cleanliness are essential, you need to have a rigorous cleaning regime in place. So, do you choose traditional cleaning methods or opt for an innovative dry steam cleaning approach?

It’s quicker, easier and cheaper

Traditional cleaning methods tend to involve consumables in the form of chemical cleaning agents, and require a lot of labour and time. The amount of time cleaning takes has a direct impact on productivity – the longer a conveyor line is out of action for cleaning, the less product can be processed and dispatched.


It produces better results

While being more efficient and cost-effective, dry steam machines like those created by KHD are also much more effective at cleaning and sanitising manufacturing conveyor belts, for the following reasons:

  1. Dry steam is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria, tackle mould, and remove stains, grease and odour easily.
  2. Steam generation kills microorganisms in supply water (that could proliferate in wet cleaning operations), and the dry steam produced breaks down debris and kills microorganisms on the conveyor surface.

It’s better for the environment (and you)

Avoiding the use of chemical-based cleaning products has additional benefits to cost saving:

  1. The chemical components in non-natural cleaning products can be toxic to the environment and/or take a long time to biodegrade.
  2. The quantity of water needed (and the energy required to heat it) to use and wash away chemical cleaners is excessive compared to the amount of water required for steam cleaning.
  3. Chemical cleaners can be hazardous to health, on contact or inhalation. So dry steam cleaning can also improve your business’s health and safety standards.

The extended range will be on show at Foodex Manufacturing Solutions at the NEC 24-26 April 2023, come along and visit KHD on Stand J151.

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