FOODEX features new level switches for maximum efficiency

Ask any operator – some of the smallest parts of the process, like sensors doing the ‘simplest’ detection and switching, can cause big problems; overspills, feed supply run-outs or long hold-ups – especially when they struggle with the demands of modern production and recipe variants.


The new VEGAPOINT 24 level switches have the answer and they are full of useful features.

Out of the box thinking with minimal adjustment

Versatility, it’s really quick to deploy – this plug-&-play sensor can be installed easily in just a few simple steps – with no adjustment for point level, foam or interface detection.

Fits like a glove

Its designed to fit in easily, with a range of simple, versatile process fittings and adaptors. The front-flush design is perfect for CIP cleaning and ‘pigging’ systems.

Light up your life

Indicates the process status where you need it on the plant, with a super-bright 360° LED ring, that is easily visible from afar.

VEGAPOINT 24 means optimum visibility and reliability of processes – delivering durability, low life-cycle costs, and ‘easy to see’ indication, makes it a truly ground-breaking and reliable point-level switch.

If you would like to test or try a device for yourself, or just get more information e-mail

VEGAPOINT 24 Features a superbright 360 LED  Users can select colours and flashing status to suit their process

Tel   +44 1444 870055

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