GEMÜ’s Automatic CIP/SIP Valve – The Perfect Workhorse for Steam Sterilization of Solids

GEMÜ offers a compact and fast acting workhorse for CIP, SIP, condensate and water applications. The GEMÜ 550 actuated angle seat globe valve has a stainless steel actuator, proven to be reliable throughout a long service life. In a successful application of steam sterilization of solids that deactivate unwanted micro-organisms using a combined effect of steam and pressure, GEMÜ 550 valves are installed in the condensate line, airline and in the refrigerant circuit. The valves are also used for control functions in steam sterilization process, as the GEMÜ 550 is available as a Shut off or control valve. Pharmaceutical companies use steam sterilizers for example, to sterilize nutritive media, but also cages, animal feed and drink solutions within animal sciences. With an all stainless-steel actuator, spindle, body and optional switchbox or positioner, the GEMÜ 550 is ideal for this application as it exactly suits cleanroom and utilities process lines – and perfect for high cycles!

To learn more about this application click here or check out more technical details on the GEMÜ 550 here.

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