Making space for a return to work

Antony Hunt, explains how his business, Smart-Space, is helping many organisations in the UK return to work with the addition of some much-needed, instant extra space…

“As a nation we are beginning the return to work. However it seems that our workplaces can’t adapt easily to the ‘new normal’ overnight where we take care to distance ourselves properly and compliantly. We are used to making the most of our premises, using every spare inch, so it’s inevitable that we’re all going to need more space. We have been talking to a few businesses about the safe supply of additional buildings in preparation for a slow reverse of lockdown.

Different approaches

There are all sorts of issues to navigate in our return to work. Some organisations are able to implement a one-way system, others are incorporating staggered days with different working hours. Rest and dining facilities are being radically reconsidered. There is a need for fewer people gathered at any one time. Strict ruling on the maximum occupancy of rooms within your buildings will have to be observed.

We don’t fully understand how this situation will play out but we do know that social distancing is not going to go away any time soon.

Temporary space

One of the options that we are working with in all sorts of sectors is the provision of temporary buildings. As this is all unchartered territory, temporary seems to be the best solution right now. It seems obvious really – to add more space to allow your people to spread out – but we also understand that the thought of adding new buildings could be quite daunting. We take care of everything. In most cases there are no groundworks required and we can be in and out of your premises within a few days.

It really is that simple. We work with our customers to make sure they get exactly what they need. It is delivered safely on-site and is left with you for just as long as you need. We’re finding that people genuinely don’t know how long they will need the extra space for so we provide flexible terms, no minimum rental period, and we just need 7 days to take it down again.

Space for people to work

Our range of relocatable buildings can be specified for applications where people gather. It’s important to understand the difference between buildings which are suited to having people inside and those which are designed for goods only. Because if you’re going to have people gathering for meals, meetings or working side by side, you’re going to need to be able to heat or cool the building. You might prefer to relocate stored goods to a new, temporary building without insulation – to free up existing space where your people can work.

Very quickly, in a matter of days, we can supply you with a temporary facility to help to accommodate your workforce – however you decide to resolve things.

We manufacture our buildings in-house using our dedicated UK supply chain for components so there’s no shortage of stock, and no limit to size. Best of all, we don’t hold you to any minimum hire period so we can work with you and supply whatever you need.”

Antony Hunt
MD and founder of Smart-Space

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