greenTEG AG Switzerland High-Precision Thermal Sensors

greenTEG develops and markets solutions for increased energy efficiency and thermal measurements. greenTEG’s product portfolio consists of thermal sensors and laser power detectors.

Both product groups are based on a novel production process and offer the following advantages:

• Highly precise & fast thermal measurements
• Small dimensions & easy integration
• Customizable & cost effective for OEM integration

gSKIN Thermal Sensors

greenTEG’s thermal sensors (gSKIN®) offer ultra-high resolution of thermal parameters. Temperature differences of 10 μK as well as heat fluxes below 0.05 W/m2 can be resolved. The sensors are applied in diverse fields such as: Assessment of insulation quality (U-Value), material testing, process monitoring, fouling detection, mass flow measurement and thermal error compensation.

The gSKIN® U-Value Kit is a plug&play solution for professionals in the area of building physics. gSKIN® sensors are integrated in OEM products and used for high-precision measurements in R&D. Data loggers for easy read-out and further processing of the data complement the product portfolio.

Key features

  • Ultra-high resolution of thermal energies and temperature differences (< 0.05 W/m2 / < 10 µW / < 10 µK)
  • Integration via soldering, glueing or clamping
  • Broad range -150 kW/m2 to 150 kW/m2
  • Minimal invasiveness & thickness
  • Ultra-low noise based on  low impedance
  • Highly homogeneous across surface

gRAY Laser Power Detectors

gRAY® laser power detectors enable fast and precise laser power measurements in a power range from 100 μW to 50W. gRAY® detectors are sensitive to all wavelengths from ultra-violet to medium-infrared and feature a fast response time. They are suited for the integration into power meters as well as laser sources and systems. gRAY® laser power detectors are available housed, mounted or as bare die components.

Key feautures

  • Large spectral range (UV-MIR)
  • Fast response time
  • Compact design

gSKIN 4x4 10x10 18x18 for print and online


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