TONE Scaffolding Services innovates by using Bradshaw…

TONE Scaffolding Services has recently taken delivery of two tow tractors and 4 bespoke industrial platform trailers from Bradshaw.

The vehicles have been put in to Paddington Station to tow large amounts of scaffolding around the site, to locations where the workers need it during the station’s restoration project, which includes refurbishing the platforms, repairing existing structures supporting London Street, building new bridges and walkways together with the installation of new mechanical and electrical systems.

Due to the access restrictions at the station and the large volume and length of the load, TONE Scaffolding required a vehicle with both the maneuverability and towing capacity.

The T700 tow tractor, together with bespoke 4 wheel interlinked steering trailers, enables for large volumes and lengths to maneuver through tight areas, with 2 or more trailers capable of being linked in series, enabling a larger load to be carried at any one time.

The three-wheel T700 tow tractor from Bradshaw can pull up to 7,000KG, with key features of the electric vehicle including hydraulic drum brakes to all three wheels, electronic regenerative braking under deceleration, dynamic speed sensing to prevent over-speeding in all driving conditions, automatic hill hold and automatically applied transmission parking brake.


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