It’s a Pallet Truck – and it’s a Crane

Specialist forklift manufacturer Sichelschmidt has supplied a wide gauge pallet truck fitted with a crane jib to a leading manufacturer of measuring and testing equipment for the automotive, aviation and electrical engineering sectors. The niche product was developed in response to the customer’s requirements for substantial reach capacity and utmost stability when feeding extremely large components to the testing plant. 

Sichelschmidt’s designers took a wide gauge model from the d 500 series, the d 516 with a nominal capacity of 1600 kg, as a basis for the truck before adapting it for the application in question. A shorter mast to enable lift heights of 1900mm was fitted to the base unit, and a considerably longer than standard crane jib – 3230mm rather than 1200mm – was mounted onto the fork carriage to achieve a load centre of 3000mm with a 1000kg capacity.


Wide gauge pallet trucks characteristically offer a high level of stability and are a popular choice for high lift applications. They are also often used for the handling of non palletised loads, in conjunction with attachments such as bale tongs, barrel clamps or rotating and tilting devices. The wide distance between the wheel arms of Sichelschmidt’s pallet truck / crane combination guarantees extreme stability and consequently the straightforward picking up and setting down of loads. The frequency regulated and energy efficient ASM AC drive enables the operator to have precision control at all times for exact positioning of the load. This was an important customer prerequisite as the nature of both the high-tech testing equipment and the components makes careful handling a priority.  sis-d500_kran3

“This customer was already using a number of our trucks, and our modular design concept and flexibility enabled us to provide this bespoke solution,” says MD Ralf Sichelschmidt. “We foresee many more suitable applications for this type of machine: the wide gauge concept is a flexible and efficient system for changing machine tools on production lines for example or for general plant repair operations.”


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