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John King is a family-owned manufacturing company founded in 1926. The fifth generation of the family are now working in the business; both qualified and committed to take it forward and achieve greater success. The enterprise began by producing plain pedestal bearings for coal mining pit tubs. Expansion came with the rapid mechanisation of the collieries and an increasing demand for chain conveying equipment. In the early days it was supply to one industry in one region of the United Kingdom.

The Company has enjoyed unrivalled success and expansion in the last decade. Today exporting mechanical handling equipment to over 60 countries. This achievement was recognised in 2020 when the Company won the Queens Awards for Enterprise –International Trade

John King main factory in Yorkshire with an original pit tub in the foreground

Present day focus

The business is now focused on provision of a total supply package for materials handling; comprising chains and sprockets to conveyor systems and their eventual installation and maintenance.

John King Laser was established in 2007 primarily to service the mechanical handling division. It was well understood that the available capacity surpassed that of in-house requirements and the business model from the outset was to sell laser cut and fabricated parts to customers producing a wide range of machinery and equipment.

More recently the division has been able to support John King’s site service division where bespoke fabrications have been required .A good recent example would be the survey, technical drawing, production and installation of major fabricated structures within a EFW plant (Energy from waste).

The laser division has remained autonomous from the start in having to achieve individual levels of sales profitability whilst critically benefitting as part of a Group structure in investing in new technology to give the division a distinct advantage in efficiency and quality of products produced. The current installation of the newest and probably best laser capacity in the country is testament to that particularly in considering the present challenges within the economy as a result of the pandemic .It is our strong opinion that in 2021 John King Laser will be perfectly prepared to deliver as the economy emerges from a challenging period.

Installation of new laser – to be commissioned in January 2021

Manufacturing capabilities

The 2020s business is a lean and profitable enterprise working from a modern manufacturing facility employing best production techniques Fibre laser technology , plasma for thicker material sections , CNC machining and Robotics. Group structure provides the internal resource to implement production management systems that ensures highest quality, consistent and competitive products produced in a safe environment. All manufacturing is conducted within the dictates of ISO9000 to the latest 2015 standard to ensure quality objectives are monitored and maintained.

 Our People

Our people are at the heart of the Kingdom, constantly driving the business forward whilst showing unrivalled commitment to make us the success we are. Together we search for continuous improvement and product innovation.

The most important asset of any business is its workforce .

As a family enterprise we are proud of what we have achieved .To be working and succeeding in manufacturing is a privilege. To operate in a process led sector where we turn raw material into a wide variety of products by using machinery and manpower is challenging and eminently rewarding. As a result of unceasing advances in technology and machinery Engineering is one of the fastest developing sectors internationally. The UK engineering sector generates more than 27% of the UK’s GDP and it is clear that the industry is driving productivity whilst having a positive impact on other areas of the UK economy. For every new job in engineering, two more are created outside of the sector. The UKs Engineering sector is the real wealth creators and it is my hope that post Brexit the Government will realise the opportunity we have to put UK Engineering at forefront

David Wadsworth Managing Director

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