The advantages of using AeroGo Air Skates

AeroGo’s Load Moving Systems allow any load to be literally floated to its destination on a thin film of air. Moving the load is easy, exceptionally smooth and omnidirectional. Air Skates can be used anywhere where there is an adequate floor surface and a suitable compressed air supply. AeroGo Load Modules distribute the load over a larger surface than rollers or wheels, spreading any stress evenly on the floor. Applications are numerous and include factory relocations, movement of large or bulky items, rearranging production lines and precise alignment of equipment. AeroGo Load Module Systems float loads from 100kg to over 350,000kg. Standard AeroGo Systems include Load Module Systems, Aero-Plank Systems and Aero-Pallet Systems.

AeroGo Systems are lightweight and can be easily positioned under the load taking in account weight distribution and support points. As there are no moving parts maintenance costs are minimal.

AeroGo UK’s Pro-Jacks

Jacking from an insertion height of only 25mm they complement AeroGo’s Air Skate Equipment or can be used on their own. They are robust, lightweight and portable. Pro-Jacks are available in a variety of sizes with a single Jack capacity of up to 65 tonnes.

AeroGo Systems use standard shop compressed air – easily available in most applications. Alternatively, a hired compressor can supply the required air. AeroGo Load Module Systems and Pro-Jacks are available for hire or purchase.

For a limited time only – You get a 20% discount on all AeroGo Systems.

Like to see the Load modules or Pro-Jacks in action? For a free no obligation site visit and
demonstration contact Barry Dean or Frans Janssens @ AeroGo UK now:

Tel.: 01763 24 69 36


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