Kecol Weighing in on Batch Transfer

Kecol Pumping Systems is the UK leader in the manufacture of pumps and systems for the transfer of viscous materials.
Kecol has introduced a range of batch weighing systems, which can be linked to any Kecol pump or priming system to delivery a predetermined weight of product into a vessel.

The receiving vessel is placed onto the weighing platform and the start” button is pressed. The system begins to transfer the product at maximum flow rate for between 70% and 90% of the target weight. The flow rate automatically reduces for the final 10% to 30% to achieve the accuracy and the pump stops when the weight is achieved.

The system is suitable for weights from 1Kg to 200 Kgs and is available for ATEX applications if required.

Several systems have already been installed on applications such as concentrated curry paste (4.5Kg tubs), body filler (3.2Kg tins), tomato paste (20Kg tubs) and mastic (20Kg to 180Kg containers).

A demonstration video of the system can be seen at

For further information please contact Kecol.

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd Faraday Drive Bridgnorth Shropshire WV15 5BJ Tel: 01746 764311 Fax: 01746 763375

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