Keep workers safe and observe Social Distancing rules with the help of ASG

ASG Services recognises the intense pressure everyone in the manufacturing and warehousing industries is under currently, juggling the need to maintain operations at peak efficiency while ensuring the safety of their workforce.

With an easing of lockdown and a steady return to work for many within the manufacturing sector, a new sense of purpose is required with the need to guarantee the safety of all employees in their workplace.

Before any operations can begin, workplaces are having to be thoroughly sanitised to ensure any surfaces workers may encounter are disinfected. Social Distancing requirements are also having to be observed.

To help firms observe Social Distancing rules, ASG has produced a new range of floor and wall/rack signage highlighting the requirement to socially distance at all times. With one-way systems being introduced in many workplaces, ASG has also produced a range of durable, anti-slip directional signage. The directional signage can also be displayed on doors and walls.

All the signage is made from encapsulated Teslin, a tough synthetic material which is flexible, waterproof and tear resistant. To protect the printed surface and make the signs more rigid, each is laminated on both sides.

They are suitable for all types of commercial and industrial flooring and are designed for pedestrian walkways where the use of materials handling equipment is low. They can be utilised where MHE is in operation but should be placed where they cannot be easily damaged.

All signs have been anti-slip tested and when dry, have a low slip risk potential with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 84.

The wall/rack signage is made from sturdy 3mm Foamex and is suitable for most warehouse or factory environments.

ASG has also produced three new data sheets (SDSS01, SDSS02 & SDSS03) detailing the full range of signage options. These are available for download from the company’s website –

The signage has proved to be very popular amongst companies resuming operations, which is having a beneficial effect on the NHS, as Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director, ASG Services explains.

“We have all been thankful for the selfless efforts of everyone in the NHS for their dedication in helping so many people during this dreadful period,” he said.

“In recognition of this, ASG Services has been donating £1,000 to the charity NHS Charities Together for every 500 packs of the new social distancing signage sold. It is our way of giving back to all the care workers for their dedicated efforts in helping to keep us all safe.”

Other measures are also being enforced, including safe distance zones, designated walkways and reminders to regularly wash your hands. For office-based staff, desk screens are being installed, along with other segregation measures to ensure direct contact with their co-workers is kept to the absolute minimum.

“We have long been a segregation specialist, supplying products to the manufacturing and warehouse industries such as line marking, safety barriers, safety signage and netting that help to segregate workers from materials handling equipment and keep people and products safe,” added Mr Hopkirk.

“We have been operational throughout lockdown because of the need to ensure businesses supplying essential goods have everything they need to remain operational. Our team has been installing safety measures at various sites, keeping disruption to a minimum, whilst observing social distancing.”

Its product range has been expanded in other areas to keep pace with current requirements. To help companies identify one-way systems and designated walkways, it has stepped up its supply of tape solutions – some even displaying the Social Distancing messaging to act as a constant reminder to maintain safe segregation. It is also supplying anti-viral acrylic desk screens to keep office workers safely segregated while they are at work. Supply of its new foaming sanitiser is also being stepped up.

ASG Services’ foaming sanitiser is non-hazardous and suitable for both personal hygiene and surfaces alike. It delivers up to 28 days of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection, while being safe and environmentally friendly. Regular usage is helping to protect staff while they work, plus it offers them peace of mind against infection.

ASG would like to acknowledge the tremendous work carried out by manufacturers during the pandemic. Their efforts to find complex solutions to the shortage of such vital medical equipment as ventilators and well as converting production to supply value PPE for the NHS has been of incalculable benefit to the country at a time of national emergency. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them and to offer our everlasting gratitude.

For further information on any of ASG’s products, please contact:

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