LightWise IQ Smart Cameras – Why this feature set is ideal for Security

Surveillance and for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

  • Truesense Imaging CCD’s (16Mp & 29Mp) offers the Best Image Quality in the world. ISG has the cleanest analog front-end in the industry.  Excellent sensitivity with 5.5 micron pixel.
  • ISG Image Pipeline: Advanced image processing is our specialty, our smooth sensor output matching results in superior image quality. Full color image path with best image quality in the industry.
  • GigE Vision: Industry standard camera interface, ensure compatibility with software & systems. Fast image transfers using low-cost cabling.
  • On-Board CPU running the latest Linux offers full programmability.
  • On-Board high-performance FPGA for customization and to accelerate algorithms.
  • On-Board Memory for highest system performance.
  • Network GigE Port = FTP capable, control of camera from remote locations without interrupting video.
  •  Lens Control = Programmable lens control for Aperture and Focus from remote locations
  •  USB2 Ports (2) = Flash Drive Storage for Image Data, Keyboard/Mouse for terminal usage
  •  Advanced Triggers and Strobes = Programmable, offers flexibility with external signaling and external illumination control
  •  NSTC Input = provides video synchronization for context knowledge for incident comprehension

These features make the IQ Camera Family the most advanced

 Security / Surveillance and ITS camera in the world.

ISG cameras are used in transportation for:

  • Roadway inspection
  • Railway track inspection
  • Rail car safety monitoring
  • Railway signal inspection
  • Shipping container tracking
  • Automotive driver assistance systems
  • Traffic Congestion Inspection
  • Traffic & Speed Enforcement
  • Sea Port Security and ship identification
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Toll Booth Monitoring and Highway Toll Payment Systems
  • OCR and license plate recognition


ISG cameras are used in Security and Surveillance for:

  • Airport Concourse Security
  • Facial Recognition
  • Port Security
  • Military Security & Surveillance
  • NAVY Ship Security
  • NAVY Sea Operations
  • Situational Awareness
  • Friend or Foe Detection
  • Munitions Guidance
  • Rifle Accuracy Improvements

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