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More time, increased safety – the quality fire protection solution from DENIOS

With fire rated containers offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance, the door systems often seemed to fail but hazardous storage specialists DENIOS have solved this problem. In addition to the walk-in BMC container, DENIOS now offers the FBM storage container with REI 120 classification for the whole system – even for versions with sliding doors.

Business as usual as Culligan UK changes ownership

Culligan UK Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of industrial and commercial water treatment and filtration solutions has announced a change of ownership. As of April 1st 2014 we are transferring to a Culligan franchise operation. This change will bring the UK in line with the business model Culligan International operates throughout the world.

Vacuum Interrupters UK Is Your One-Stop Shop for Vacuum Interrupter Replacements, Repairs, and Testing

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – Vacuum Interrupters, Inc., developer of the CE-compliant MAC vacuum interrupter test and circuit breaker timer (CBT) systems, is also the world’s leading supplier of CE-compliant replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, and replacement vacuum interrupter parts and components for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker or contactor.

Vacuum Interrupters Introduces CE-compliant Third-Generation MAC-TS4 Test Set for Predicting Usable Life of Interrupters in the Field, Shop

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. is proud to introduce its new CE-compliant MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter tester, the only test set capable of predicting the remaining life of vacuum interrupters in the field or shop.

CBS ArcSafe Introduces CE-compliant Remote Switch Actuators, Operators for Circuit Breakers, Motor Control Centers

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – CBS ArcSafe UK’s CE-compliant Remote Switch Actuators (RSA®) and Remote Switch Operators (RSO®) are designed to allow service personnel to stand outside the arc-flash and arc-blast danger zone while operating electrical equipment, reducing or eliminating the need for a full-body arc-flash hazard suit.

CBS ArcSafe Introduces CE-compliant Remote Racking Systems for Circuit Breakers, Motor Centers to Keep Technicians Outside Arc-Flash Danger Zone

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – By permitting the automatic racking of circuit breakers and motor control centers from up to 30 meters away, the CBS ArcSafe® CE-compliant remote racking systems allow operating personnel to work from outside the arc-flash and arc-blast danger zones, reducing or eliminating the need for heavy, expensive personal protective equipment (PPE).

ACWA Does It Again With Another Hi-Tech, Low Carbon Solution For Center Parcs

ACWA has won a prestigious contract to upgrade the environmentally friendly wastewater treatment (WWT) system at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire.

The new project follows hard on the heels of an earlier contract in which ACWA has undertaken the design, construction and commissioning of a WWT facility at Center Parcs’ new Village, Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire.

ExVeritas Limited – Free training on the New ATEX Directive

FREE Update Seminar on the new ATEX Directive and the changes with CE Marking under the New Legislative Framework.

IsolatorCIP™ – CIP and WIP for Isolators and Gloveboxes

Suncombethe premier Cleaning In Place and hygienic process engineers – announce the release of the IsolatorCIP™, to provide a solution for automated Cleaning In Place and Washing In Place of Isolators and Gloveboxes.

LightWise IQ Smart Cameras – Why this feature set is ideal for Security

Surveillance and for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

LightWise Allegro USB3 Cameras

Why this feature set is ideal for Machine Vision and Microscopy & DNA Fluorescence Imaging

Scott Safety leads the way in workplace safety with a British Safety Council Award Win

Scott Safety, one of the world’s leading companies in the design, manufacture and supply of respiratory, personal protection and gas detection equipment, has been recognised for its commitment to workplace health and safety by winning a coveted British Safety Council International Safety Award with Merit.

Automation for Food and Beverage Factories in the UK

The food and beverage industry is a hugely important sector in the UK, making up more than 15% of manufacturing turnover and employment. With such a significant role in the economy and well-being of the nation and following recent contamination scandals, it is vital that the food and beverage industry offers consistent, traceable and reliable production processes, whilst maintaining stringent hygiene levels.

ISO 55000 certification attracting worldwide interest

Companies across the globe are responding well to the new ISO 55000 world standard for asset management, according to power-engineering specialist EA Technology.

The company has reported significant interest from businesses that are keen to achieve the new international certification, which establishes a benchmark for managing assets with greater reliability, efficiency and safety.

Stannah Levelmaster low-rise platform goods lift – solving stock flow in a split-level storeroom

Stannah Levelmaster low-rise platform goods lift proved the best solution for shifting boxes in the split-level storeroom of the Bromley outlet of Tiger Stores, a leading Danish retail chain offering a wide range of affordable homeware, toys, stationery, toiletries and accessories.

Heraeus Infra-Red Heating System Speeds Up Adhesive Curing on Vacuum Presses

Fast response, medium wave infra-red emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are being used on equipment manufactured by JSK Ultrasonics of Milton Keynes to ensure the correct permanent bonding of an adhesive, even at high operational temperatures. JSK vacuum presses are used to produce wrappings in various shapes and sizes, in leather, fabric or pvc. These are predominantly used within the vehicle interior trim industry, where they find application as headliners, door boards, centre consoles, glove box covers, arm rests etc.


North West Fund-backed company ProKyma which is developing a groundbreaking cancer test, has been named the Merseyside Innovation Awards winner for May.

The company is working with the University of Liverpool and Renfrew Group International to develop a personalised blood test to measure the level of cancer cells in a patient’s blood.

New Fluke Connect™ The largest system of connected test tools in the world

New Fluke Connect™ system transfers measurement data from test tools to smart phones and the cloud, improving maintenance team communication, safety and productivity. The new Fluke Connect™ system allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from Fluke test tools to their smart phone for secure storage on the cloud, thus enabling access by any team member in the field.

Do you buy gas detection system for your organisation or projects?

Confused when you do a web search and find innumerable sites offering an array of equipment. Well look no further. We are a manufacturer of Premium Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring Systems with 34 years’ experience. Our UK and Overseas client base covers all areas of industry research and education.

Oldham Launches the BM 25 Wireless

Oldham, and IST Company, is very pleased to announce the launch of the exciting wireless version of the five-sensor transportable gas detector, the BM 25. As wireless capabilities reach new technological milestones, the integration of wireless gas detection systems in industrial applications is ever increasing.

The BM 25 Wireless brings you freedom and flexibility while keeping the standard characteristics of the BM 25.


For those who spend any amount of time kneeling in their work, an award winning, non-foam based, work-trouser pocketed, safety kneepad which maintains its maximum cushioning effect throughout consecutive or prolonged use, can help avoid osteoarthritis or even knee replacement.


Thermaset Limited, one of the UK’s best known companies for the formulation and manufacture of powder coatings has released a newly published Stock Range.

The eye catching and colourful A4 sized list launches a huge expansion to Thermaset’s powder coating range, which now includes coatings suitable for railway and London Underground use.

Brand New Easi Wipes Industrial Refillable Dispenser

Harrison Wipes are pleased to announce the launch of their Easi Wipes refillable dispenser, one of the most innovative developments in industrial wiping in recent years. The dispenser mirrors the interfolded box already available in the market, but is made from a durable Polyflute Plastic component that allows the box to be reused many times.

Webinar programme of DAQ updates continues through to June

HBM’s series of free on-line webinars continue throughout May and June to complement the company’s series of live technical seminars and workshops being held in the Midlands.

The theme of the 20th May webinar will be to teach participants the latest tips and tricks in installing a torque sensor. HBM’s Mark Minda, who has over 20 years of experience in the repair, calibration and day-to-day use of torque sensors, will deliver the webinar.

Producing dilutions with a tolerance of only 0.02 %

Chemicals in addition to many other products produces extremely pure chemicals which are used in the semiconductor industry, for manufacturing printed circuit boards. One of the company’s outstanding innovations is the production of ultra-pure sulphuric acid. As the only worldwide producer, PVS is able to supply diluted acid at a consistently high level of purity in which any impurities are measured down in the ppt (parts per trillion) range.

Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited – KITO© flame arresters

Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited are the UK & International Agents for the complete range of KITO© flame arresters to ISO 16852 and associated safety devices.