Vacuum Interrupters Introduces CE-compliant Third-Generation MAC-TS4 Test Set for Predicting Usable Life of Interrupters in the Field, Shop

(Buckinghamshire, UK) April 30, 2014 – Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. is proud to introduce its new CE-compliant MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter tester, the only test set capable of predicting the remaining life of vacuum interrupters in the field or shop.

“Utilizing the Penning discharge principal, our MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter test set easily can determine the pressure inside a vacuum interrupter and, along with wear and the number of operations, predict the usable life of the vacuum interrupters used in your circuit breakers and contactors,” said Finley Ledbetter, CEO and chief scientist of Group CBS. (Vacuum Interrupters is an affiliate company of Group CBS.) “Until now, this type of testing only could be done at the assembly plant.”

The MAC-TS4 is the third generation of the MAC product line. The MAC-TS4 uses magnetron atmospheric condition (MAC) testing to measure actual ion current against known values to determine vacuum interrupter internal pressure.  The MAC-TS4 test set can help avoid unnecessary damage to circuit breakers and contactors by identifying interrupters approaching an unsafe pressure.

Vacuum Interrupters’ patented flexible magnetic field coil enables technicians to test most vacuum interrupters installed in the circuit breaker without having to remove the interrupter.

Until now, the only accepted field service test for vacuum interrupters has been a simple pass/fail test performed with an AC high-potential (HiPot) test.  The MAC-TS4 is provided with everything required to determine the pressure of your vacuum interrupters in the field, shop, or lab. Its newest features include a backlit LCD display, detachable high-voltage cable, built-in thermal printer, and PC compatibility.  This PC-friendly version can store hundreds of test results and allows the operator to download and generate reports.

To learn more about the MAC-TS4 system or to request a demonstration at your location, contact Neil Brookes at 27 Cressey Avenue, Shenley Brook End Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK5 7EL; via telephone at +44 01908 969200 or cell at +44 07770 500577; or by email at

About Vacuum Interrupters, Inc.

Vacuum Interrupters, Inc., developer of the CE-compliant MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter test and circuit breaker timer (CBT) systems, also provides CE-compliant replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, and replacement vacuum interrupter parts and components for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker or contactor. Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. is a privately owned company based in Carrollton, Texas, with European sales and support in Buckinghamshire, UK. For more information, visit, call +44 01908 969200, or contact us by email at

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