More time, increased safety – the quality fire protection solution from DENIOS

With fire rated containers offering up to 120 minutes fire resistance, the door systems often seemed to fail but hazardous storage specialists DENIOS have solved this problem. In addition to the walk-in BMC container, DENIOS now offers the FBM storage container with REI 120 classification for the whole system – even for versions with sliding doors.

The FBM fire rated storage container meets all the current fire protection requirements of EN 13501 (REI 120) thanks to a double steel frame construction and non-flammable mineral wool panels. This means that the range will resist fire from inside or outside sources for up to 120 minutes.

Even the sliding doors – previously always the weak point of a fire rated container – are now available with EI 120 (EN 1634) classification for the first time ever.

According to HSG 51 if safety distances cannot be maintained then a fire wall with a minimum of 30 minutes fire resistance should be used.  Many customers would choose a suitable 30, 60 or 90 minute fire rated system therefore not opting for the better quality, but more expensive EI 120 door. Installing a whole system classified as a REI 120 fire rated container offers a greater level of protection for employees, facilities and the environment and since some European countries already specify 120 minute fire resistance, companies operating internationally can stay on the safe side by always choosing DENIOS products.

FBM; Schiebetüren; Schiebetoren

FBM base 614.30 OST fire rated storage container with electrically operated sliding doors

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