Luso introduces industrial isolated Power Factor Correction modules for industrial AC-DC power supplies

Primarily aimed at designers of AC-DC power supplies used in industrial applications, Luso Electronics announces availability of a family of Power Factor Correction (PFC) modules, generating an isolated regulated output and completely encased to provide protection from harsh environments.

SynQor’s industrial PFC modules accept a wide AC input voltage of 85–264 Vrms and deliver isolated, regulated voltages of between 12–48V with a power output of 325W. With a high overall efficiency of 92%, the devices provide a usable mains to isolated DC output with a minimal number of external components. This approach eliminates the need to utilise another brick after the PFC thereby reducing overall component costs.

The family of half-brick modules are the PFICU12HTx27 (12V output voltage), PFICU24HTx14 (24V), PFICU28HTx12 (28V) and PFICU48HTx07 (48V). Regulated and semi-regulated (droop version) modules are available.
When used in conjunction with SynQor’s AC line filter and a hold-up capacitor, the system draws nearly perfect and well-balanced sinusoidal line currents (PF>0.99).

SynQor’s industrial PFC modules can operate at full power from -40°C to +100°C baseplate temperature, and are perfectly suited to harsh environments. Protection features include an input current limit and auto-recovery short-circuit protection along with auto-recovery input under/over-voltage protection and auto-recovery thermal shutdown.

Besides the new industrial PFC modules, SynQor’s full portfolio of Mil-spec PFC modules are also available for evaluation and purchase from Luso Electronics in the UK and Ireland.
Luso will showcase SynQor’s latest range of power modules on stand G74 at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show at Farnborough, UK, held between 21–23 March 2017.

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