Measurement and analysis with optics, probe, computed tomography and multi-sensor systems

Here we are covering the topics for our new rotary axis solution with which roundness and straightness can be measured particularly precisely. There is also some information on our TomoScope® XS- family, which makes measurement with computed tomography possible in the price range of tactile or multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines.

Discover innovative and proven products. Learn more about our multi-sensor systems and computed tomography products:

Roundness and straightness measurement in the precision of form testers.
A new rotary axis solution in combination with the appropriate software now enables the measurement of Roundness and Straightness on the coordinate measuring machine with unprecedented accuracy. In particular, the patented RasterScanning HD mode and the new RotaryScan HD are used for this purpose.
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Computed tomography displaces conventional coordinate measuring machines
Five years ago, accurate coordinate measuring machines with computed tomography were only available in the higher price bracket. The compact devices from the TomoScope® XS family enable, among other things, fast measurement with high resolution and accuracy at the price of tactile or multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines.
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