Monitoring sites during lockdown.

Being off-site doesn’t have to mean you can’t see what’s happening

As the UK tries to get to grips with life under lockdown again, facilities managers continue to face up to the considerable challenges that coronavirus has thrown their way.

Maintaining business continuity is the priority, but that can be difficult to achieve as the additional restrictions necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19 also serve as catalysts for business interruption.

One key problem area is of course people management – and different businesses are affected in different ways. There are commonalities too – in terms of enforced remote working and managing wildly erratic demands in output.

These challenges can translate into risks when it comes to areas such as health and safety or environmental protection. There is the potential for site protocols and best-practice procedures to slip, or for schedules of essential maintenance and inspection work to be missed.

For those with responsibility for site safety and integrity, keeping on top of everything can prove difficult when resources are compromised, making it even more important to exploit the advantages that technology has to offer.

The use of remote monitoring, for example, brings significant benefits for operational continuity without placing any additional burden, or risk, on available resourcing. Liquid management sensors including separator alarms, bund water control units and drainage closure systems will automatically monitor levels with teams immediately alerted when excessive levels are reached, prompting fast corrective action before environmental protocols are breached, and the site faces structural and/or reputational harm.

Another example of how technology is proactively supporting facilities managers is closure devices, incorporating hydraulic valves and draintector tuffplug systems.

These technologies seal off drains either during maintenance / deliveries and ensure also the retention of spillages or fire-fighting run-off on site in the event of an incident.

At Darcy Group, our best-in-class people, technology and service are at the heart of what we do, complemented by our extensive range of British-engineered products and industry specific know how. Using our expertise and experience, we will work collaboratively with our customers to best protect them from incidents of pollution and address the challenges of environmental compliance together.

Together, this offering is designed to prepare, prevent and protect you from an environmental emergency.

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