Almatec® C-Series – the Cost-Effective Plastic AODD Pump

In 1984, Almatec® introduced its AD Series AODD Pump to the processing market. AD Series pumps were truly revolutionary as they featured an industry-first compact “closed” design that made them Almatec’s trademark model. However, a recent industry trend toward developing and offering cost-effective pumps prompted Almatec to consider the creation of a less expensive alternative. The result is the new Almatec C-Series AODD Pump, which is being billed as the “New Original.”

The C-Series, which is available in five port sizes ranging from 10 mm (3/8”) to 50 mm (2”), is designed for fluid-transfer applications that do not require high-end features. Still, the pump has the mass needed for oscillating pumps with wetted parts constructed of PE or PTFE, with conductive versions with ATEX conformity also available, while the diaphragms and ball valves are made of PTFE and EPDM. The pump’s housing parts are tightened against each other via a diaphragm-sized ring on each side. This structure transmits the forces from the housing bolts into the housing parts evenly, which improves the pump’s longevity and increases its safety.


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