New Digital Charge Amplifier from HBM Features Measuring Range Up To 500 Kn

Now available from the PACEline range of digital charge amplifiers from HBM – a leader in the field of test and measurement – is the new CDM2000 Industrial Charge Amplifier for piezoelectric force sensors.

Suitable for laboratory and production applications, the CMD2000 features a compact design which offers fast and reliable results. Covering a measuring range, from 200 to 2 million pC/g (pico-coulombs/g), the CMD2000 ensures guaranteed accuracy even in the partial load area.

With the new CMD2000, it is now possible to connect piezoelectric force sensors and force washers, and also to connect up to four sensors in parallel with a summing box. The cumulative force signal can now be acquired and analysed by the charge amplifier in less than one millisecond, making the new CMD2000 suitable for measuring very fast piezoelectric force, torque and pressure signals.

Featuring world class SensorTeach technology, the analogue output signal can also be automatically parameterised during a production cycle, which is a particularly relevant feature for very fast processes that do not allow longer hold times for adjusting the measuring range. Integrated peak value detection and limit value monitoring functions also make it possible to shift control functions to the CMD2000, therefore relieving the central control unit. This means that subsequent parameter changes, for example to the measuring range or for limit value monitoring, can be made directly via the Ethernet interface with PC-based on-site system control or even via remote maintenance.

Also available from the PACEline range of digital charge amplifiers is the CMD600-P digital charge amplifier, which features a measuring range of 50 to 600 pC.

The CMD range has been designed to work with HBM transducers and data acquisition systems as well as third-party products. The standard 10 V analogue signal output guarantees that the amplifier can be operated with virtually all measurement systems. Furthermore, the Ethernet interface enables measured values to be transmitted using the streaming method providing up to 1 kHz bandwidth.

The CMD range also features an integrated high pass filter that effectively eliminates the drift affecting piezoelectric sensors. This means that no signal loss occurs with fast, dynamic processes because only the static and quasi-static signal components are filtered. The advantage of this is that the CMD is not overloaded, even with long measuring times.


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