Pallet Collars – A new dawn?

Quentin Philip, the Managing Director of Crocodile Packaging has been discussing the company’s new pallet and collar system. Mr. Philip shared his insights on the benefits of his company’s new system and how he believes that it can revolutionise despatch operations and provide cost savings to the warehouse and logistics industry.

Historical Inefficiency

According to Mr. Philip, the traditional pallet and collar system suffers from being an inefficient catch-all type solution that results in wasted space and high unit cost. Crocodile Packaging have developed a simple alternative based on their proven clipped crate system that optimises the cubic shipping volume available whilst dramatically reducing the overall cost of the system.

Turning pallets into shipping crates

The key benefits of the new system are its low unit cost, versatility, floor space savings, and opportunity for easy customisation. The system is incredibly versatile and can be used to convert almost any pallet size and type into a highly effective, made-to-measure shipping crate. Crocodile’s pallet collars can be made from a range of materials which will be tailored to minimise unit cost whilst ensuring optimal protection is provided, be it for a 1-trip or re-usable system.

Huge Savings

Crocodile’s system has a highly competitive price point before considering a host of other advantages.

The flat-packable pallet collars take up, on average, about 5 times less storage area than traditional pallet collars awaiting use, leading to more efficient use of vertical warehouse space. Additionally, because the pallet collar system can be tailored to the optimal height required for each task there is the benefit of minimising transport costs and further reducing the requirement for hub space when in transit.

Crocodile Packaging’s new system has the potential to revolutionize the way manufacturers move their products through the supply chain, adding logistical efficiencies to a company’s despatch operations and providing the potential for massive financial benefits within the warehouse and logistics industry. The system is scalable and can be adapted to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

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