PCME Chooses Fibox Aluminium Enclosures

PCME Ltd, a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors, has developed a range of rugged sensor options, and again has chosen Fibox to produce the rugged aluminium enclosures needed to provide the assured performance required to operate in highly contaminated environments.

Fibox developed two customised Euronord ALU high precision castings to PCME designs and provides the finished aluminium enclosures machined, painted, silk screen printed and assembled to PCME’s exacting quality standards which provide their demanding customers with assured performance in highly contaminated, critical applications.

PCME works with many of the world’s leading industrial companies across a broad range of manufacturing industries providing solutions to improve environmental performance and process control.

So far PCME has supplied continuous particulate emission monitors and instruments to over 20,000 emission sources worldwide, – across a broad range of industries and has been working with Fibox for over 20 years to supply a rugged range of enclosures that are proven to be reliable even in the worst environmental conditions.

With the increasing awareness regarding the contribution of particulates to respiratory related health effects; industries demand that regulatory pressures to control emissions grow ever stronger.

With environmental and health targets coming under ever increasing spotlight PCME is proud to claim accreditation achievements including German Ta-LUFT approvals, BImSchV 17, 13 and 27 and the UK Environment Agency’s MCERTS accreditation for both ElectroDynamic™ (Probe Electrification), ProScatter™ (Forward Scatter) and DynamicOpacity™ (Ratiometric Opacity) technologies. In addition to instrument approvals, PCME holds the accolade of receiving two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: one in 2007 received for Innovation and the second in 2013 for International Trade.

Fibox Managing Director, Steve Gallon said, “With PCME’s long experience of developing particulate emission measurement equipment, we are delighted that they have continued over 20 years to choose Fibox as their supplier of superior diecast aluminium enclosures designed specifically to cope with the demands of the extremely hostile environments, their devices must perform in.”

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