Axium Process is offering manufacturers a unique ‘pick and mix’ liquid filtration solution ensuring consistent product quality and minimal downtime.

The company has developed a universal stainless steel filter housing which can be used with three distinct filter screens.  Each screen has specialist capabilities making them suitable for multiple applications across industries including pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, confectionery and chemical.

The universal housing is fixed in-place, but the element can be rapidly switched to change filtration levels or to install another type of screen.

The three screen options include Axium’s wedge-wire filter screen, a sintered mesh screen, and a basic perforated filter screen.  The comprehensive range covers the separation of particulates, fibres, flakes and glass shard protection, as well as offering a wide choice of filtration levels between 5µm and 6,000µm.

Axium’s wedge wire-screen is widely used for powder dispersing applications and where product consistency and smoothness are essential. It enables solids and particles such as grits and seeds to be separated, while simultaneously breaking down and dispersing agglomerates.

The sintered mesh screen is used in mains water, pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications to remove suspended solids, micro-flakes, hair and fibres; it can also prevent glass contamination.

The company’s perforated tube screen is designed for general purpose filtration at high or low temperatures, separating larger particles from liquid streams.

Derek Davies, Business Development Director at Axium Process, said: “In response to our customers’ changing needs, we have continued to evolve our filters to provide a comprehensive range of options for almost every application.

“The pick and mix solutions can result in significant cost savings for manufacturers with variable filtration requirements as they only need to purchase and install one filter body. They can then choose any filter screen option from Axium’s comprehensive range.

“Whether a customer requires high-security filtration or a consistently smooth filtered product, the interchangeable screens and wide range of filtration levels cover a vast array of applications and multiple filtration requirements in a single installation.”

Axium’s stainless steel filters are simple and easy to maintain and have built-in safety features to protect the operator. All elements can be safely removed for cleaning without specialist tooling, ensuring a rapid return to service without unnecessary downtime.


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