Production & line feed

We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles to move materials to feed the assembly process quietly with zero vehicle emissions. The Bradshaw Load Carriers can carry up to 3,000kgs and the range of Tow Tractors can tow up to 25,000kgs. The 4 wheeled tow tractors are amongst the most compact and manoeuvrable on the market providing superior stability.  The tow tractors have been ergonomically designed proving all-round vision and view of the tow hitch, easy vehicle access with a low single step and an external inching control assists with trailer hitching.

Our products are being used in manufacturing facilities around the world increasing productivity, while reducing costs. Our vehicles are a perfect fit for narrow aisles and can be used without disturbing day-to-day operation.

Case Study

Working in partnership with one of their UK dealers, Bradshaw supplied 22 T800 tow tractors to a large international car production plant in Cowley, Oxfordshire replacing existing Bradshaw vehicles that had been in operation 2004.  The T800’s undertake a critical line feed role, supplying parts to production, the operation is non-stop with cars exported to over a 100 countries.

The site has a slope which the vehicles have to use with a sharp turn at the bottom, meaning the use of three wheeled vehicles was prohibited on safety grounds. The Bradshaw T800, a four-wheel vehicle, has both the manoeuvrability and stability to tackle the restricted environment.

The Bradshaw vehicles have proven fit for purpose and reliable, together with the ongoing backing of the Bradshaw service and support team, continuing a supply and service contract with Bradshaw, was an easy decision.   |  01780 782621

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