Leading UK lubricants manufacturer ROCOL has added a nuclear grade approval and a brand new product to its REACH-registered anti-seize range, providing maintenance managers with a safety compliant solution, whatever the application. The new ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Regular Grade product and nuclear grade approval for ANTI-SEIZE 797 enhance a 15-strong range that already features market leading products, such as the popular DRY MOLY Spray.

ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Regular Grade is designed to avoid seizing in mechanisms and threaded connections. Offering superior vibration, pressure and temperature resistance, it is ideal for use in aggressive environments, where it protects against fretting to ease dismantling and also acts as a sealant to prevent fluid and gas contamination. 

ANTI-SEIZE 797 is a high temperature anti-seize paste specially formulated for nimonic and stainless steel which is manufactured to the highest purity – nuclear grade.  It offers excellent anti-seize properties over extended periods at high temperatures and protects against wet conditions and chemical attack even in the most aggressive conditions.

With extremely low levels of chlorine and sulphur, it is ideally suited to lubrication, protection and to ease dismantling in nuclear environments.

The expansion of the anti-seize range provides total assurance to customers at a time when the EU chemical control system REACH requires lubricant suppliers manufacturing or importing into the EU to register with the European Chemicals Agency to enable consistent risk management across the continent.

Gareth Procter at ROCOL says: “We are working closely with distributors to ensure customers have a comprehensive range of high performance anti-seize products at their disposal. Adding ANTI-SEIZE Regular Grade has expanded the number of applications covered by our anti-seize range, and achieving nuclear grade approval for ANTI-SEIZE 797 is a perfect illustration of the high performance levels that customers have come to expect from all ROCOL anti-seize products.“

The ROCOL anti-seize range includes copper based compounds, solutions that deliver a dry film, sprays for dismantling and specialist products for food-grade applications.  The quality and popularity of these products is typified by DRY MOLY Spray, which is an extreme load, dry film, molybdenum disulphide paste suitable for applications where wet films cannot be tolerated.  It continues to lead the market due to its superior performance characteristics that lower spec products cannot match. IMG_1085 Anti-Seize (c)

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