Saving with more performance

Dealing with the tower they were rejecting our offer because the cost of our grease was about $700 more than what they had been using, which lasted only 3 years.

This incompetence to deal with price and performance is typical of many companies’ buyers.

No ability to make an economic assessment, just the price, which must, as here, very often, cost the firm millions.  Our normal minimum ROI is a good 700% with all products, either individually or in “team-work” with another of our technologies.

LecWec is just poured in while the machine is working – no lost production time, and while new oil seals last 6 – 8 years, if the oil with it in it is still in the machine, it will not drip any more.

The replacement of the power-steering in your car can cost over 1000, but to regenerate it with LecWec costs only about 11. And there too it holds. I get phone calls from customers who used LecWec over16 years ago, to tell me it is still dry. No wonder the oil companies hate me, including Castrol, which ironically only exists thanks to Chambers Motors. They are busy spreading lies in many countries. I am a “near criminal”.


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