Sensor Centre introduces the LBKSystem, the World’s first SIL2/Pld radar based safety system.

The LBKSystem detects the presence of humans & can give a pre-alarm in order to avoid the sudden stopping of machinery.

It is a lower cost alternative to traditional laser based floor scanners and it won’t be triggered by visible objects like smoke, dust, wood shavings, machine waste or water splashes. LBK-S01 heads can also be mounted behind mesh guarding or hidden behind an acrylic facia.

The maximum depth of monitored area is 4m but with six sensors can cover an area 15m wide thanks to its beam width of 110 degrees. The LBKSystem consists of a single LBK-C22 control unit & from one to six LBK-S01 sensing heads. Configuration, e.g. depth of warning & danger areas, sensitivity & restart functions are quickly & easily set using the free application software.

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