The Straightforward Choice for Accurate, Reliable Liquid Level Control.

Outstanding output stability, structural integrity and ease of use make LVDT/range spring technology a better level control solution than torque tubes. Get straight talk about the digital E3 Modulevel® liquid level displacer transmitter from Magnetrol®.

How would you like to reduce your maintenance costs that are caused by your old torque tube?

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s time to bring in a new E3 Modulevel® Displacer Transmitter. 
The level control experts at Magnetrol® can help you get a handle on your technology choice for displacer transmitter. We can show you the benefits of having a more stable output, having a more structurally sound design, and an overall easier to configure E3 MODULEVEL.  

E3 can help result in less valve wear, and down time for maintenance. It is the most reliable displacer transmitter on the market, with a 3rd party evaluated SFF of 92.3%, on the market.










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