SWEP fulfils All-Stainless range for the most demanding applications

SWEP, leading supplier of compact brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), now enhances the existing All-Stainless product range with the introduction of new products developed for the most demanding applications and systems requiring 100% stainless steel components.

All-Stainless is a range of durable, compact, and efficient BPHEs for the most demanding applications that often use aggressive media such as ammonia, deionized water system, or fluids with high sulphur content, all of which can be corrosive to copper. All-Stainless is therefore ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and utilities with high demands on corrosion resistance, low tolerance for contamination and/or high operating temperatures.

The B85S medium-size high-capacity model is the most recent addition to the range.  Additional two larger capacity models are expected to follow after the summer, complementing this highly robust and efficient range.

Best in class on corrosion resistance, leaching tendency, cleanliness, and efficiency

“The B510, B510S and B80S products in our existing All-Stainless portfolio have long been the natural choice for efficient heat exchange solutions systems demanding 100% stainless steel components. Now supplementing the portfolio with the B85S and soon to come B221 and B222, we believe we offer the market the perfect range of products for the most demanding applications where copper contamination or copper corrosion must be avoided.”

Frida Cullin Persson, Segment Manager, SWEP

Low maintenance – longer lifespan
As with all BPHEs, the absence of gaskets or loose parts in the All-Stainless heat exchangers, makes them robust, low maintenance units. All-Stainless means a lesser need for unit replacement due to copper corrosion or less frequent change of oil thanks to its copper-free material. Furthermore, the units do not need disassembling for cleaning, thus keeping maintenance to a minimum, and avoiding costly man-hours and downtime in the operation.

Higher efficiency and lower carbon impact

With a 100% stainless steel construction and minimum use of raw material in its construction relative to its mechanical strength, the All- Stainless is all about increasing efficiency. The range combines robustness and durability with high heat transfer efficiency offered in a small construction. All-Stainless simplifies recycling of the material, hereby decreasing carbon footprint from heat transfer.

Customized flexibility

The unique BPHE process technology enables a compact product with minimal material usage relative to its mechanical strength. The modular concept allows for optimal application fit, where choice of plate and materials can be varied, still while keeping short lead- and installation times.

Learn more about the All-Stainless range: https://www.swep.net/campaigns/all-stainless/

Contact for additional information

Frida Cullin Persson
Product & Segment Manager, SWEP
Phone: +46 418 400 796
Email: frida.cullinpersson@swep.net

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