SWEP launches high efficiency condenser and evaporator with low global warming impact for reversible heat pump systems

SWEP, world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) has launched its FI22AS high efficiency condenser and evaporator. This heat exchanger has been designed to match the rapidly increasing demand for residential heat pumps with high efficiency, low refrigerant charge, low water pressure drop and high asymmetry grade leading to a small carbon footprint.

With countries across the world seeking to move from fossil fuelled heating systems to both Air to Water and Ground Sourced Heat Pumps, the FI22AS is set to find a sizeable market. The heat exchanger has been developed with SWEP’s patented AsyMatrix2 technology as well as new innovative distribution system to deliver high thermal performance while ensuring a low secondary side water pressure drop. This makes it ideal for systems with demanding thermal and hydraulic requirements.

The FI22AS is optimized for the R290 and R32 refrigerants; R290 is a natural refrigerant which doesn’t harm the ozone layer and has virtually zero impact on global warming, while providing excellent energy efficiency. R32 is a single component refrigerant, meaning it is easier to reuse and to recycle.

Anton Olausson, SWEP Segment Manager for Residential Heating, said

“The European market for heat pumps is now expanding significantly, with the rest of the world set to follow. The FI22AS, with SWEP’s unique patented technology, provides a considerable boost to condenser efficiency coupled with improved efficiency in reversed evaporator mode. Together with its limited environmental impact, it is the ideal component for these changing times.”

The FI22AS can be experienced at Mostra Convegno in Milan, June 28-July 1st.
Stop by SWEP stand in Hall 22 – booth D31 E36.

For further info on this product, please visit: https://www.swep.net/products/fi22as/ or check out our webpage: heat exchangers for high performing heat pumps

Anton Olausson
Segment Manager Residential Heating
Phone: +46 (0)418 40 04 00
E-mail: anton.olausson@swep.net

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