Who Are Stourflex

We are a leading supplier of pipework expansion joints and pipeline equipment, providing technical advice, site surveys and after sales support. Our long history in pipeline engineering enables us to provide a complete range of quality approved products, as well as producing innovative designs to complex engineering problems. We have a pro-active modern approach to business, with ISO 9001 procedures to ensure a fast response to your enquries and large stocks which enable nationwide next day delivery.

– Expansion Joints, Anchors & Guides
– Rooftop Supports and Rubber Block Feet
– Rubber Bellows and WRAS Approved Pump Connectors
– Dosing Pots
– Air Dirt Separators
– X-Pots Side Stream Filter
– Hydraulic Separator

Technical Capabilities
Engineering Design
We can provide technical advice on the application and installation of expansion joints and the marking of drawings showing the recommended location of bellows and pipework anchors & guides.

Site Visits & Technical Appraisals
We can provide the expertise to help you ensure your rubber bellows and expansion joint installation suits your site conditions and is fitted in accordance with best relevant industry practices.

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Our Services include:-

– A Site Survey of Rubber Bellows and Expansion Joints Installation.
– Expansion Joint Identification.
– An Assessment of Rubber Bellows Anticipated Service Life.
– A Recommended Spares Schedule.
– Advice Given on Correct Installation and Maintenance.

T: 01384 393329
E: info@stourflex.co.uk
W: www.stourflex.co.uk

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