T-Cards Direct goes online

T-Cards Direct have over 35 years of experience manufacturing and supplying the most comprehensive range of T Cards and T Card Systems and their new web-based system takes it to another level.

Following two years of development the simplicity and clarity of the T-Card system has been launched online. T-Cards Online is one of the best business web based tools to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency. All the features and benefits of a traditional T-Card system are present plus additional unique features that can be realized using the online system.

“During the R&D period, we ironed out the major operational issues,” says Philip, Heine, spokesperson for T-Cards Direct. “We’ll be developing it even further over the next six to 12 months.

“As it stands it’s a very powerful business tool. We have clients using it to keep track of engineers and contractors out on site. Users just need to log on and they can access the information via ipads and notebooks etc whenever they’re out on the road.”

“Systems can be set up in five minutes, as we’ve designed it to be as user friendly and as simple to operate as possible. We aim to streamline operations not complicate it. Information can be assessed anywhere. Manual T-Cards system is just as relevant as ever, says Philip. “Last year was one of the busiest times for us with more orders than ever before,” he says. “We see the web-based system as add on to the existing manual one.”

Remote access enables more than one user to access information at any one time securely using Verisign’s SSL certificates. With ‘live’ data any changes are immediate. Any user can refresh their browser to see the updated situation.

Data is kept on a secure ‘mirrored’ server for extra security freeing up the client’s systems for other uses. All historical data is maintained, so it can be copied and reused at a later date.

T-Card systems have been around for decades, so why have they continued to be successful, even when other systems seem to have replaced them? Two words – simplicity and clarity.

The main element of a T-Card is that key information is held on the Visible Edge. This detail is seen when the card is in the slot, so the eye is drawn when looking for that information. The body of the T-Card holds the detail. Depending on the size of the card will determine the amount/ type of information you can hold.

Once information is held on a T-Card, it can now be used to keep track, allocate and manage on the T-Card Board. Traditional boards are made up with columns indexed with heading and rows. The online system allows you to use the standard Day/ Date or Months heading or you can decide to create your own headings. The system can also index specific rows.









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