Technical expertise for industry: enhance your coating systems with Technicoat!

Market leaders in the surface coating industry, Technicoat have specialised in the application of industrial coatings for over 25 years. Providing job-coating services, they apply coatings to finished products as well as production equipment parts; aiming to deliver surface engineering solutions and improvements in efficiency of production processes, adding value to final products.

Through the provision of a comprehensive consultancy service including technical support in the design of coated parts, Technicoat’s strategic goal is to be the first choice supplier of quality technical coatings at competitive prices. A reliable and knowledgeable organisation they offer solutions to technical problems, recognised through membership to the Whitford Recommended Coater Program. Awarded to a select group of companies, Whitford recognises the consistently high standards that Technicoat meet in the application of fluoropolymer products, specifically their range of Xylan coating systems.

Of the various products offered into the offshore, industrial bakeware and automotive industrial sectors, Whitford’s Xylan coatings are prominent within Technicoat’s offerings. High-performance, dry-film lubricants, Xylan coatings offer unique properties when compared to alternative fluoropolymer coatings, due to their specific design: properties aligned to meet particular requirements for surface treatment.

Offshore Industry

Xylan coatings are typically applied to fasteners; oil and gas subsea and surface equipment; and conveyor belts. Application suitability is identified through the properties of the Xylan coating systems:

– High corrosion resistance to saltwater and aggressive chemicals

– Dry film lubrication and low friction for metal seals

– Torque tension for stud bolts


Industrial Bakeware Industry

Xylan coatings are typically applied to a range of industrial bakeware parts from trays and straps, to moulds and hoppers. Designed to specific standards they are FDA/EU approved and carry the benefits outlined below:

– Easy release and cleaning of built-up sediment

– Corrosion resistant and resistant to high temperatures – up to 260˚C

– Good abrasion resistance


Automotive Industry

Surface treatment for mass-produced parts to enhance the surface properties of industrial components have seen Xylan coatings used on a range of applications; from bolts to springs; lock mechanisms to hinges; and steering columns to shock absorbers. Having a defined coefficient of friction, Xylan dry film lubricants offer a range of benefits:

– Corrosion and chemical resistance

– Electrical non-conductivity

– Non-stick/non-wetting

– Very low noise

Recognising the variances of industrial coatings, Martin Kortus, Managing Director of Technicoat details:

“Having a strong working relationship with our fluoropolymer coating supplier, Whitford, we continue to bring the most effective high-performing coated products to the industrial market place.

Understanding the range of industrial areas we work with, each having their own requirements from Technicoat as a partner, we constantly look to further develop our capabilities to ensure our customers receive the high quality they have come to expect: environmentally sound, efficient, economical and effective product offerings.”

Technicoat, originally formed in 1999, as a Czech and German joint venture, moved to global operations as part of the Adelhelm Group in 2010. Holding a strong manufacturing presence they are positioned as the leading Central & Eastern European fluoropolymer coating applicator. Coupled with in-depth knowledge and a commitment to on-going research and development for environmentally-aware production, Technicoat’s belief in, and passion for technological advancement is the driving force behind the provision of high-tech custom-made surface coating solutions for their customers’ problems.

For further information on Technicoat’s product range, expertise, or alternative sectors please contact Martin Kortus,

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