the Bülte wing grip! – How to fix, secure and release easily and quickly?

Bülte has added two new wing grips BPF 251 and BPF 252 to its Handwheel and Knob range. The body’s ergonomic shape and use of small raised strips enable a good grip. We offer two versions: screws and nuts. For the screws, lengths are from 8 to 50mm and are available in M4 and M5 x 28mm across the wings for BPF 251, and M5 and M6 x 31mm across the wings for BPF 252.

The standard material is Polyamide, which is resistant to various chemical products. It also has excellent mechanical properties including wear resistance, low friction coefficient, a high melting point, good impact resistance, as well as being very light. The working temperature range is -30 to +100°C.

Thanks to its properties Polyamide is suitable for a wide variety of industries including: medical, aerospace, railway, food, chemicals, electronics, electrical, building ETC.

The standard material for the threads is ZPS (zinc plated steel) with other materials available including aluminum, brass, titanium, nylon, stainless steel etc. Bülte also offers a range of colours: white, red, yellow, blue etc. Minimum quantities on request.

Samples and prices (unit of sale=100 pieces each reference) are available on request. For more information, please contact:

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