TECHNIFOR: Specialists in Laser Marking

With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing direct part marking systems, Technifor have developed one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market today.

No fewer than four different technologies are available from Technifor: Fibre, Hybrid, CO2 and Green lasers. This complete range enables the marking of virtually any material from metal to plastics as well as organic.

Green lasers, often referred to as ‘cold marking’ are the lesser-known type of lasers. With a 532nm wavelength, the Green range can mark materials that would not normally react to infrared wavelengths: from rough to the most transparent plastics, reflective metals (copper, silver, gold), ceramic, and more. In addition, a 20μm diameter beam enables precise marking of minute text, graphics or 2D codes.

Fibre technology is ideal for fast or deep marking of metal whereas Hybrid provides increased versatility enabling the marking of a wider range of plastics and metals, including precious metals and alloys. Finally, C02 lasers are predominantly used on organic products such as wood, glass, rubber, ceramic and many plastics.  All Technifor lasers can work up to speeds of 10,000mm per second.

All Technifor lasers are designed to be either used as benchtop units, with several enclosures of varying sizes available or integrated onto production lines and controlled by PLCs through Ethernet, digital I/O or RS232 connection. The Fibre series is particularly suited for use in the harsh industrial environments with an IP54 rated head – sealed and protected from dust and water projections. Offering repetitive marking and optimal reading on the most irregular surfaces, the 3D module can be used for marking on different levels without adjustment.

Technifor lasers come rhyme with technical innovations: programmable focus to mark on different planes without any mechanical adjustment, automatic focus to automatically adjust laser focal distance to part height variation and Vision Manager to detect part positioning, mark parts, check and validate marking. On the fly (OTF) marking is also possible with all lasers from the range.

For more information or to see a laser in operation simply contact Technifor on 01926 884 422 or at


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