The new generation TC rotary indexing table: up to 20% faster – up to 90% stronger.

WEISS is setting standards with the further improved TC range. The new generation of electromechanical rotary indexing tables increases productivity through speeds in excess of 220 cycles per minute. The power density is also impressive. Depending on application parameters, the new ‘power table’ can handle virtually double the mass moment of inertia of its predecessor.

Robust and reliable electromechanics
WEISS, a global leader in the field of automation component design and manufacture, presented the next generation of its successful TC range at Motek 2015.
The electromechanical rotary indexing tables from WEISS have earned themselves a legendary reputation. Their exceptional robustness, high quality and absolute reliability are the main decision-making criteria for automation customers when selecting a table. After all, malfunctions can potentially lead to serious follow-up costs. WEISS has really gone the extra mile with the fourth generation of the TC now being presented. Optimisation in terms of both design and manufacturing have unleashed the unit’s full potential, while the service life has been extended even further. This has been confirmed in comprehensive load and endurance tests.
Increased productivity thanks to shorter cycle times
Among other things, the TC rotary indexing table plays to its strengths whenever many stations need to be addressed within a short space of time. Improved cycle times increase the productivity of an entire installation one-to-one. WEISS has prepared the new TC model range perfectly for precisely this purpose. The performance of the rotary indexing table has been increased for high-speed applications in such a way that it offers up to 20% shorter cycle times than its predecessor – while achieving the same maximum mass moment of inertia.
More power in the same space
In systems with just a few stations, on the other hand, the primary focus is often on the permitted load data. Typical applications can, for example, be found in the field of automotive bodywork construction. The new TC model range has also been optimised for these kinds of deployments. It has been designed in such a way that the permitted mass moments of inertia could be significantly increased. Depending on application parameters, the increases are as significant as 90% in some cases. The benefits for customers are clear. They can move significantly greater masses and often use a table that is smaller than the predecessor. This offers savings potential in terms of both procurement and space requirements.
More options. More individual opportunities.
WEISS has set itself the target of covering customer requirements as optimally as possible with the new TC model range. Never before have so many incremental versions for the various sizes been integrated into the standard range. These additional options will make it possible for customers to perform comprehensive processes using just a single table in future, rather than having to rely on another processing station. In addition to this, valuable production space can be saved. These two factors together ensure greater efficiency.
WEISS has created an extended design space from many parameters for determining the optimum table size and corresponding solution for the respective application. Particularly in borderline cases, WEISS can now react even better to individual customer situations and select the perfect table. WEISS consultants provide expert support in assessing situations and finding the optimum solution. This helps avoid bad decisions, which can quickly become costly.
A genuine WEISS
The new rotary indexing table is a typical WEISS product. The tried and tested TC quality is secured through excellent in-house manufacturing at the Buchen facility. When using the matching WEISS EF2 frequency converter control system, the manufacturer even offers a 4-year full warranty. But the best part is that anyone wishing to upgrade from the previous model to the new TC rotary indexing table can do so relatively easily, even for existing installations. The new generation employs identical interfaces and is therefore 100% installation compatible. The described productivity potential can then also be achieved in retrofit applications.
WEISS GmbH has specialised in developing and manufacturing components for automation technology since 1967. The company is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automation solutions – ranging from rotary indexing tables and linear systems right through to handling modules. We offer a unique range of sizes and drive technologies: electromechanically driven, servo-drive and directly driven solutions. Combined with the engineering expertise of WEISS, this allows us to produce complete customer-specific subsystems with standardised start-up software and application support.
Production takes place at the company’s main headquarters in Buchen in the Odenwald forest, Germany. Here, our integral command of the fields of mechanics, electronics and software secures highly efficient automation solutions for our customers – together with an exceptional level of vertical integration. A highly efficient network of subsidiaries and representative offices guarantees a worldwide service presence.
The most important user groups are the special machine and equipment construction industry, the automotive industry and its suppliers, medical technology and the food, packaging and machine tool industry.

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