The whole spectrum of plastic joining

It’s time again – The K fair 2019 (16 to 23rd October) in Düsseldorf opens its doors to the plastics industry. bielomatik will be there with the full range of experienceable added value. Some of the bielomatik highlights are: “Industrial Augmented Reality – Industry 4.0” for groups, a specially developed app for access to relevant production data of your plant, completely in line with digitalization. In addition: solutions for all relevant processes in the field of joining and welding, automation and the use of robots and cobots. Interested parties can see and get to know the whole world of plastics joining live at the bielomatik stand G60: our 2-stage laser welding Turn2Weld opens up completely new possibilities for complex part processing and masters new joining tasks such as electric battery housings and cooling systems. Joining (not only of plastics), automation, design, prototyping, standards, testing and consulting from a single source – this is only possible with bielomatik. Find out more about the entire bielomatik spectrum at K fair in Düsseldorf in Hall 11, Stand G60.

Future-mobility or cleanroom welding:

Solutions for all branches.

From inductive chargers up to battery cooling systems: Sustainable automotive solutions and drives require innovative joining methods. bielomatik offers latest plastic joining technology like Turn2Weld, vibration welding and laser welding for future mobility solutions, including applications like e-battery cases, cooling systems and more specific automotive components. Methods like hot plate welding and LasIR from bielomatik master applications like medical components, e.g. in laboratory diagnostics – a sector with specifically high product requirements. bielomatik joining solutions are applicable in a wide range of industries – for instance, in consumer electronics, household appliances, logistics and sport. Can’t find your industry? Get in touch with us, we will find a solution for your individual application! More about application possibilities with Hightech with a Human Touch at


Take the plunge:

Augmented Reality from bielomatik.

Innovative Engineering: With our partner CMC Engineers in Hülben, bielomatik provides modern visualization technology with which customers can experience the design and development of tailor-made solutions – also, it makes the development process simpler. For example, by entering the CAD data, a complex plant for the finishing operation of a plastic reservoir  can be displayed as a complete 3D model on a Powerwall, a huge 3D screen. The process works with various file formats. The customer gets a realistic impression of his project and can literally dive into the plant. Exploring and testing of functionalities and designs becomes easier, defects or unsuitable designs can be recognized ahead of the realization of the plant. Watch it live at the K2019 – booth 11G60.


Reliable joining.

Metal welding and adhesive bonding.

bielomatik is not only an incumbent developer of classic plastic welding technology with all relevant methods: In cooperation with industry partners, bielomatik also develops innovative solutions like adhesive bonding with high joining pressure and at very high temperatures. Adhesive bonding opens up a new scope of joining methods for a broad range of applications. In this way, not only heterogeneous materials can be joined, but the adhesive joining itself functions like a seal. Large-scale joining of thin parts becomes possible at uniform stress distribution. Single joining parts are not weakened through the joining process, larger part tolerances are possible. Users profit from reduced crevice corrosion. Adhesive joining insulates against heat and rework, depending on materials applied, adhesive joinings can be elastic and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Metal welding is another effective joining method that provides new applications for our customers – at high welding quality, perfect tightness and optimal cost-benefit ratio. Metal welding is a secure, clean and sustainable process without sparks, flames or smoke. Depending on application type, welding times of no more than the split of a second can be achieved. Low electrical and thermal transition resistance during joining increase process efficiency and reduce energy consumption of the process. The joining method can easily be automatized and integrated. More about our joining methods with Hightech with a Human Touch at


Diligent helpers:

Robots and CoBots.

Efficient support with collaborative robots (Cobots): At the K2019 in Düsseldorf, customers can experience live the cooperation of a bielomatik Turn2Weld plant with a cobot. The welding process of an usb stick demonstrates the easy programming, fast set-up, as well as the secure collaboration between cobot and joining system. Programming of HRC robots is easy and user-friendly. Changeover time only takes a half day on average. Cobots effectively support classic operations in assembly or in joining processes. In combination with plastic joining systems from bielomatik, they provide a whole new world of application processes. Learn more about collaboration with cobots at bielomatik at the K2019 – booth 11G60.

Around the clock, across the world:

Customer service with a human touch.

Bielomatik not only produces at its headquarters in Neuffen, but at its locations in the U.S., China and Romania as well. To always be close to you, 650 employees around the world make sure that our customers do produce efficiently. Service and consulting from bielomatik is always customized, individual, process neutral and close to you – from the bielomatik ProActiveService up to an order for a machine or a spare parts request. Because Hightech with a Human Touch generates added value – around the world.

Two facts you can always rely on: First, short delivery, reaction and service times are guaranteed. Second, we always consider country-specific regulations and focus on customer requests. And if an emergency pops up, our online remote tool Connected Services reacts within two hours at the max (within our service times). Prompt advice and troubleshooting through bielomatik specialists ensure machine availability of our customers: they immediately analyze the situation with the help of AR glasses and take the necessary steps for a solution. More info about our international presence and service at

From process to application. 

Tailor-made consulting from bielomatik.

Joining geometry and parts design? Cobots or special solutions for cleanroom compatible applications? We are going clarify those, and many more question with you. Because for our customers, we provide comprehensive consultation covering the entire process: We take into consideration all consulting aspects and their verification in all project phases, from project idea and definition as well as testing of materials up to prototyping and pre-series welding, component design and after sales service. Which means at bielomatik: all-round care exceeding common standards. We provide support right from the beginning until long after your machine has left our production halls, e.g. with our unique after sales service. More about our customized consulting at

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