TLV: A steam specialist company

Established in Japan in 1950, TLV has grown to become a world authority in steam engineering products and services. TLV now counts companies in 12 different countries and offers products through over 100 distributors worldwide. TLV is true to the philosophy of complete customer satisfaction through strict adherence to its two fundamental policies:

Quality First TLV’s quality system is certified to ISO9001, with products and services exceeding the strictest standards and requirements for a wide range of applications including nuclear power generation and pharmaceutical grade clean steam.

Incomparable Originality TLV approaches product development with continuous dedication to customer needs. Development means the creation of totally new ideas and concepts. The many patents derived through this development process attest to TLV’s dedication to innovation. Only through providing superior products and services that are of great benefit to the customer can complete satisfaction be guaranteed. This is the credo that has supported TLV’s growth since its inception, and will continue to be the guide into the future.

SteamAqua (SQ) SteamAqua is a compact, instantly connectable water heater that combines TLV’s best practices in steam and condensate handling. SteamAqua heats water quickly and precisely using conditioned dry steam supplied by a CVCOS. The unique condensate pre-heater option further reduces water heating time and optimises energy efficiency. SteamAqua also has a built-in TLV PowerTrap, which promptly discharges condensate under all load conditions to ensure stable operation, and a reliable, easy-to-use touch panel.

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