Trantec’s micro screw feeder range takes proven feeding technology and applies it to the miniature world of ultra-low dosing of powders, flakes, and granules.

For over two decades, Trantec Solids Handling has specialised in designing and manufacturing powder handling equipment, ranging from screw feeders and conveyors to bulk bag dischargers and sack tip stations. This expertise has now been applied to the unique complexities of feeding powders at very low rates.

A selected few companies offer feeding rates lower than fifty grams per hour. However, some micro-dosing applications target quantities well below this. Therefore, equipment becomes challenging to find, if not unobtainable. Trantec’s Micro feeder range takes proven feeding technology and applies it to the miniature world of ultra-low dosing of powders, flakes, and granules. Providing a steady flow at exceptionally low rotational speeds, dosing as little as a few milligrams to several grams per hour, with extremely high accuracies. To enhance the micro feeder’s accuracy and controllability, optional gravimetric type weight and control systems are available, suitable for both gain in weight and loss in weight applications.

Trantec’s micro feeders are robust in design, manufactured from 316 stainless steel, and precision machined from solid billets, making the feeder very robust and capable of operating in harsh environments as well as laboratory benches.

Refilling the micro screw feeder is simple and can be carried out manually or with a second volumetric feeder under the control of the Micro feeder. The machine is low maintenance, consisting of only two specially selected moving parts, the independently driven rotating agitator and stainless-steel auger. The agitator and auger have variable speed functions that can provide either an intermittent or constant run, depending on the application requirements. Trantec manufactures auger screws as small as 4mm in diameter, including multi-start flights, designed to effectively extend the dynamic range for maximum accuracy. Small multi-flight augers are near impossible to fabricate using traditional techniques. Trantec has developed software and work-holding techniques in conjunction with their advanced in-house CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. CNC machines allow Trantec to consistently produce precise parts that meet the tight tolerances essential with micro-dosing machinery.

Optional features are available to enhance the feeders for pharmaceutical and food applications, which require the highest specifications in the bulk solids industry. Crack and crevice-free design is included with these metering feeders. PTFE dry running shaft seals that can withstand aggressive environments are standard. Meeting the needs of applications where there are harsh chemicals, high pressure, and extreme temperatures. For sanitary material handling, Trantec feeders use Metal detectable blue silicone seals and can include an overall mirror polish (0.2Ra) finish.

Quick-release, easy-clean features are included as standard, with all contact parts autoclave and dishwasher compatible, which enables rapid dismantling of the machine in under one minute without the use of tools. If you require more information about Trantec’s micro screw feeder or other products, please email a member of their team at, call 01282 777566 or visit their website at

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