Vortec products deliver increased equipment efficiency, spot and enclosure cooling, and amplification of air flow for conveying and blow off. 

Enclosure Coolers

When looking to keep electrical and electronic enclosures cool, clean and protected, Vortec Enclosure Coolers are a low-cost alternative to expensive, high-maintenance air conditioners; and avoid contamination associated with dirty, humid air caused by fans.

Vortec offers multiple types of enclosure cooling systems to meet your enclosure cooling needs, all available in a variety of cooling capacities and hazardous locations; including ATEX and UL certified models.

“With Vortec’s Enclosure Cooler, our control panels don’t shut down anymore, meaning we don’t lose production time.”

Spot Cooling

Vortec Cold Air Guns and Vortex tubes deliver ultra-cold air where and when you need it for machining and process cooling.  Capable of delivering cold air up to 56 deg C below ambient, without refrigerants and using only compressed air, Vortec spot cooling products provide flexibility, longevity, and precision.

Air Amplifiers

Whether conveying, drying, or ventilating, Vortec Air Flow Amplifiers magnify compressed air flow up to 20-fold in ducted and 60-fold in unducted applications. No moving parts provides immediate on/off while eliminating all shock risks and meeting OSHA’s required noise levels.

Air Knives

Vortec Air Knives deliver a powerful, high velocity, laminar sheet of air to discharge static and remove dust, shavings and other debris from surfaces more effectively.  Air knives amplify compressed air volumes up to 25 times over compressed air input and use considerably less air than other blowoff methods.

Our Company

As the first company to develop technology for converting the vortex tube phenomenon into practical, effective industrial cooling solutions, Vortec prides itself on providing innovative compressed air solutions and processes.  Since 1961 we have continued to refine and expand vortex tube applications, as well as develop air amplification products.  Vortec’s products are designed and built to last: with no moving parts, it eliminates the normal wear and tear that you get from most equipment. We stand behind all of our products and offer the industry’s best 10-year warranty on most products.

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