WeeTect Applies Its Military Technologies to Support Helmet Visor Business

Shanghai, China, August 23, 2017 – WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of helmet visors, today announced that is has begun applying its military technologies to support helmet visor businesses. The helmet visor businesses will have an opportunity to choose from any of the 5 different military technologies depending on their specific needs.

OEM business can make unique and multifunctional helmet visors with WeeTect’s basic and upgraded coatings, alongside the military technologies. Consequently, they will customize pilot, laser protection, ballistic, combat, tactical and augmented reality helmet visors, among others.

“As part of our 2017 strategic plan, WeeTect will support businesses by allowing them to access and customize helmet visors with advanced technologies to improve performance and safety,” said Taylors Lei, WeeTect Product Manager. “Blending military grade technologies and basic functions of helmet visors is a sure way of success in this competitive industry.”

At the moment, WeeTect has the capability to apply these military technologies to any helmet visor. This capability is based the technical know-how of the WeeTect’s team and high-tech test equipment in the Foshan Laboratory.

Some of the military technologies that WeeTect will apply to help support helmet visor businesses include:

Head up display (HUD): WeeTect will apply this technology to augmented reality, pilot and laser reflective pilot visors. With the HUD technology, all information behind the helmet visor are streamed or projected on the front surface.

Ballistic: OEM businesses can apply this technology on pilot, laser protection, combat or tactical helmet visors. It offers protection from small particles or stones that may heat the surface.

WeeTect ballistic technology is in line with the NIJ standards.

Radiant heat resistant: WeeTect applies this technology on tactical, compact and pilot helmet visors. The technology protects users from radiation, hence it is specially designed for hot working conditions.

Molten metals and hot solids: The technology is suitable for ballistic and pilot visors and fire helmet face shields. They are specially designed to protect users against hot metal projections and molten metal.

Laser protection : This is a new technology that is optimized for pilot and Laser protection pilot visors. It protects eyes from harmful laser light.

By opening these military technologies to all helmet visors, WeeTect aims to create a long-term partnership through which it will implement future technologies.

More Information , please visit https://www.weetect.com/helmet-visors/

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited manufacturers lens & visors for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing many polycarbonate coatings.

The company has in the recent past invested in a range of military grade technologies. These include head up display (HUD), ballistic, radiant heat resistance, laser reflective and molten metals & hot solid functions.

Contact Details:

Name: Taylors Lei (Product Manager)

Email: sales@weetect.com

Phone: +86-1381-690-5765

Website: http://www.weetect.com


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