What Determines the Cost of Custom-Built Automated Machinery in the Medical Industry?

Medical Industry Trends

The medical industry trend in automated machinery is using the benefits to increase production at a lower cost. Some of the medical industry trends for using automated machinery are in assembling, testing, packaging and more.

It’s the overall general feeling of the medical industry that the cost of the automated machinery investments is recovered in a short period. But who and what determines the cost of building bespoke machinery? The cost factors you need to consider:

  • Does the automated machine need to work in a cleanroom?
  • Does automated machinery still need quality control and standards?
  • Is there additional monitoring and tracking integrated into automated machinery cost?

Automated Machinery is Transforming the Medical Industry

Automated machinery offers the transformation of the medical industry, but trying to figure out when it will be cheaper or even more expensive to build is a challenge. Several factors impact the cost of automated machinery in the medical industry. They are as follows:

  1. In the medical industry, there may be many activities, especially in manufacturing, that can be automated. But the medical industry will often ask if it’s technically feasible based on their budget for the activities to be automated?
  2. The cost of developing and using the hardware and software needed for automation is a huge factor to consider when deciding to move forward with using automated machinery.
  3. What’s the cost of your labour and any supply, as well as the demand dynamics related to automation? In other words, if there are a lot of workers available that have significantly less cost than automation many companies will be conflicted as to which way forward works best for them.
  4. The value and benefits you gain beyond labour substitution include things like; higher levels of output, fewer mistakes, better quality work products, etc.

It is the value and benefits with higher levels of output, fewer mistakes made, and better quality work that helps frame why the medical industry has been so progressive in their use of automated machinery.

Custom-Built Automated Machinery in the Medical Industry

When trying to determine the cost of the automated machinery you intend to use it’s important to define your budget about the volume of automation you need. That helps give your operational budget parameters and defines what you’ll be able to do. You want your automated machinery budget to work for you and not cause you additional stress and concern.

To determine your budget for an automated machinery solution you need a budget that covers the life of the machine vs. the beneficial manufacturing or operational results you’re able to get by using the automated systems. Before you invest in automated machinery for your manufacturing process, there are steps you can use to assist you in determining how cheap or expensive it will be.

Automated Machinery Return on Investment

Your automated machinery typically solves a gap in your manufacturing process. That gap has money your losing attached to it. Automation allows you to focus on improving the processes that are taking the most time.

Now that you’ve identified the processes you want to improve you’re able to determine if automation upgrades are financially justifiable. It’s at this point it’s beneficial to have a collaborator who can provide the bespoke automation you need. Through innovative designs that are manufactured to suit the exact process gap need, any special purpose machine building can be successfully created and implemented.

Discuss your budget ranges with your automation machine builder and find out if the changes and budget are feasible.

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